The Original FIREDISC Skillet Discada- 24” Short Portable Propane Skillet Disco

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Our Skillet 24-Inch Short is all about space. The non-walled, shallow disc combined with the shorter (24-inch) stand means you’ll be able to bring your FIREDISC® even when space is at a premium. It’s also perfect for those who have storage restrictions yet still want the FIREDISC® cooking experience.

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    Ideally suited for hunters and fishermen, the FIREDISC® Skillet 24-Inch Short Portable Cooker Disco is designed to pack light and cook everything from freshly caught fish to meat to vegetables. Unlike a BBQ, the FIREDISC® Skillet 24-Inch goes with you anywhere. The 3-piece portable design disassembles seamlessly for easy, flat storage in the car trunk, SUV, RV, tent, truck bed or garage. Bonus: no screws, nuts or bolts to wrestle or lose.

    Designed for large or small propane tanks, the FIREDISC® Skillet 24-Inch Discada features a cooking surface that seasons like a cast-iron skillet, yielding restaurant-quality results that just get better and better. When the hunting, fishing or camping adventure is done — cleaning takes mere minutes. Spray it off with a hose, dry, and wipe with oil.

    Available in red or black, the cooker features a flexible stand that adapts to uneven outdoor surfaces to give you a flat cooking surface, every time.

    Powder-coated at 450°F and constructed with heavy-duty carbon steel, FIREDISC® resists rust and stands strong in all conditions. Mechanically designed for ease of use, portability and a lifetime of cooking, the FIREDISC® Shallow 24-Inch comes with a 5-year warranty.

    We challenge each customer to put this cooker to the test. They quickly find it to be the best designed, highest-quality cooker you can buy.

    Get yours today and become part of the family of satisfied FIREDISC® owners.


    • 22” Disc diameter
    • 380 Square Inches of total cooking area
    • 24″ Tall
    • 2 ½ inch “HR” Heat Ring™
    • 50 lbs. – 53 lbs. in weight
    • 69.08 ” Disc circumference
    • 2 Disc Grips™ – durable high heat rubber handles
    • Runs a 16 oz. propane tank
    • Adaptable to a 20 lb. propane tank
    • 2-gallon capacity
    • High Heat Powder coated
    • SureFlame™ Burner is a 4” in diameter and 9” in length
    • Flexible Stand – Adapts to any uneven surfaces
    • 3-piece Heavy Duty ultra-high carbon steel construction
    • Folds to 24″ max Height in any in a 5’ wide space
    • Lays flat for easy storage in the car trunk, SUV rear, or truck bed
    • 1- minute cleanup – Hose off, dry, and wipe with oil in seconds (We do not recommend using soap)
    • Surface cooking flavor improves with age – “Seasoned Effect” like that of cast iron
    • Easy assembly, No screws, nuts or bolts
    • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty



    • 27.00” H x 31.00” W x 9.0” D
  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Weight45 lbs
    Dimensions31 × 27 × 9 in
  • Warranty
    5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY Our FIREDISC® Cookers, parts and accessories are virtually impossible to break. If you already own one, then you understand why. If not, then you’ll see when you buy one why FIREDISC® Cookers are so difficult to break, harm or destroy. However, if by chance in this unpredictable and wild world your FIREDISC® Cooker somehow breaks, we offer and stand behind a 5-year limited warranty.
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