Tall FIREDISC propane cooker
Tall FIREDISC propane cooker
THE ORIGINAL FIREDISC - 36” TALL Portable Propane Cooker/Griddle
THE ORIGINAL FIREDISC - 36” TALL Portable Propane Cooker/Griddle
FIREDISC - (REDRESSED) 36” TALL Portable Propane Cooker/Griddle
FIREDISC – (REDRESSED) 36” TALL Portable Propane Cooker/Griddle

$250 OFF + FREE SHIPPING our best seller!  We are making room for more cookers accessories and innovations!  Get the REDRESSED model while supplies last!

REDRESSED model available online only and at the FIREDISC Flagship store only.
Not available at retail stores.

There is not much of a visual difference between the REDRESSED models and the current models. The REDRESSED models were manufactured earlier, may have a scratch or two and we are getting rid of them to make room for new inventory of our current clearance models.

Differences in REDRESSED Model vs. Current Model

  • Former gas regulator and stem
    • The old gas regulator is stationary meaning once you screw into the burner it stays in one spot. The new regulator, once screwed into the burner has the ability to do a 360-degree spin to allow for easier adaption to the 1lb tanks or conversion hose.
  • Former style Disc Grips
    • These are the rubber pads that go between the disc and the pan. The new ones have our logo embedded into the high heat silicone rubber while the old one does not have a logo on them. They are just plain black.
  • Former powder coating process
    • Same manufacturer but new machinery used for the powder coat process using the same powder coat. There is nothing that is visibly different.
  • Former disc polishing process
    • Same manufacturer but new machine used to polish the disc. There is nothing that is visibly different. 
  • May have a scratch or two
    • Since each cooker is hand polished and assembled it may have a unique blemish which does not effect performance or quality but makes each cooker unique.
  • Therefore a lower price while supplies last!




Frequently Bundled Together!

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Ultimate Cooking Weapon™

FIREDISC® Wind Helmet

Wagyu Hot Dogs - 4 per pkg.

Wagyu Ground Beef - 1 lb. - 80/20


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Crafted from the highest quality materials, FIREDISC goes where you go.



The FIREDISC wipes clean with water and a cloth or paper towel.



3-piece construction disassembles within seconds (no tools or hardware required).


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