Executive Chef - Conor Moran

FireDisc® Executive Outdoor Chef


  • Phone: (281) 206-2678
  • Email: conor@firedisccookers.com

Learn tips, tricks, and recipes from FireDisc Executive Outdoor Chef Conor Moran and turn the outdoors into your own personal kitchen! Every week Chef Conor creates recipes and tips specifically designed to take your cooking on the FireDisc cooker to the next level.

Wanting to push past the limitations of an ordinary cooker, FireDisc challenged Chef Conor to test the FireDisc to its max.! Impressed by the versatility and quality of the FireDisc, Chef Conor came on board to insure that all FireDisc cookers and products are ‘Chef Tested and Chef Approved’.

A native Houstonian, Chef Conor shows you how to maximize the daily use of your FireDisc cooker. Creative recipes inspired from his travels overseas along with simple but delicious family style meals are his specialty. Let us show you just how much more you can cook on the FireDisc!


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