Disco Cookers in San Antonio TX

The “cowboy wok” is legendary here in South Texas. San Antonio discada pans were originally just used cultivator discs. We’ve come a long way since then. Now FireDisc takes discada pans in San Antonio TX to a whole new level with our FireDisc Skillet.

The Perfect San Antonio Disco Cooker for All of Your Outdoor Excursions

FireDisc cookers are made of just three parts that can be assembled and disassembled in seconds, with no tools needed. All of our cookers are lightweight and fold up flat for easy transporting, even on your backpacking trips. There’s no need for charcoal of heavy propane tanks. They run for over two hours on just a small portable propane tank. However, you can use a larger tank as well as our FireDisc Conversion Adapter LP Hose for even longer cooking time.

Our San Antonio discada pans are made from durable polished carbon steel. They clean up with just water and hold in seasoning to make anything you cook in them every bit as good as on your stove at home. Cook up breakfast, lunch and dinner on all of your camping, boating, fishing and hunting trips on our San Antonio disco cooker. FireDisc’s flexible stand stays steady on uneven ground, so you can set it up anywhere your journey takes you.

If you already have one of our FireDisc deep-dish cookers, starting this summer, you can buy the FireDisc Shallow Disc separately for maximum versatility for your outdoor cooking. Check out the “Where to Buy” page of our website to find out where you can buy FireDisc disco cookers in San Antonio TX or anywhere across the country. We also sell them through online retailers. 

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If you have any questions about FireDisc products, including our special camping, hunting and fishing packs, view our disco cookers in our products page here.