Outdoor Disc Cooker in San Antonio TX

Texans who enjoy the outdoors know the importance of the “cowboy wok” (discada) or plow disc for cooking. FireDisc has taken the San Antonio outdoor disc cooker to a whole new level.

Why Is FireDisc’s San Antonio Plow Disc Cooker Special?

The FireDisc Shallow Portable Propane Cooker is extremely portable. It folds flat for easy storage in the trunk of your car, the hold of your boat or even with your backpacking gear. Whenever you’re ready for a meal, it assembles in just seconds. It stays steady on uneven ground, so you can use it virtually anywhere with a small propane tank that weighs just over a pound. 

The skillet portion of our San Antonio outdoor disc cooker is made from durable polished carbon steel that is literally bullet-proof. Because it’s more porous than a traditional cast-iron skillet, it becomes increasingly seasoned the more you use it. It’s ideal for cooking stir-fry, Tex-Mex, chili, stew, bacon and eggs or whatever fish you catch.

When you’re finished cooking, just rinse it off, disassemble the three pieces and pack it back up. If you’re camping out for awhile, you can leave your San Antonio plow disc cooker set up and protect it from the elements with our exclusive FireDisc cover.

Unparalleled Versatility

You don’t have to be an outdoorsman to enjoy the benefits of a FireDisc. You can use our outdoor disc cooker in San Antonio TX for your backyard get-togethers and tailgate parties. It comes in red, black and selected team colors. You can select from 24-inch height for maximum portability or 36-inch counter-top height.

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You can get your plow disc cooker in San Antonio TX at fine hardware stores or online through retailers such as Amazon. View our outdoor disc cooker in our products page here.