Customized Logo Branded Cooker in Texas

The next time you’re going tailgating or you want to grill outside for your family and buddies, try the Texas customized logo branded cooker sure to impress and bring your grilling to a whole new level. Try out a FireDisc Cooker and cook your burgers or fresh game in the grill that really makes a difference. 

FireDisc Cookers are simple but elegant grills designed by a couple of Texas boys that wanted to make a grill that was portable and easy without sacrificing sturdiness or cooking quality. With our customized logo branded cooker in Texas, that’s exactly what you get. 

The Texas Company Logo Branded Cooker for Everyone

The brother inventors Griff and Hunter Jaggard made the first prototype of the grill with a tractor plow disc. Now, with the help of the best carbon steel construction and testing from world-leading chefs, they’ve built a Texas customized logo branded cooker that works for everyone, from casual grill masters to master chefs taking it outside. 

  • The FireDisc Cooker is 100 percent portable. Break it down into three neat, easy pieces and slip it into the trunk of your car, then set it back up in seconds. Perfect for tailgating, camping or just cooking down at the pond with your latest catch.
  • Make up to five meals on simply one compact 16 oz. propane tank – no more bulky grills and truck beds full of reserve fuel.
  • With a 22” pan and a 5-gallon capacity, you can cook anything you want – and a lot of it.
  • The heavy-duty carbon steel construction on this Texas company logo branded cooker means it gives you the taste and non-stick surface of your best cast iron pan. It’s nearly indestructible, too! Be ready to pass on this grill for generations to come.  
  • No other tools are required. Simply clean the grill with water when you’re done and pack it in.

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Don’t settle for grills made with lower quality materials. Make an investment in the company logo branded cooker in Texas that will last.