Disc Cooker Recipes in Texas

Customers across the nation are discovering the extreme durability and lightweight, sleek design of the FireDisc outdoor disc grill. With an expansive 69” circumference, 22” cooking surface, it can feed your hungry guests at a backyard barbeque, a family picnic or a camping adventure. When your meal is complete, just let it cool down then wipe it with a paper towel and water. Customize your FireDisc experience today with our wide range of new Texas disc cooker accessories.

Our customers love to tell us all about the exceptional Texas disc cooker recipes they have prepared on the FireDisc. Visit the recipe section of our website and discover some tantalizing outdoor culinary creations.

Take Your Grilling Game to the Next Level with Disc Cooker Accessories in Texas

The FireDisc’s unique, game-changing outdoor grill design is built to customize. Get the most out of your experience with new Texas disc cooker accessories such as:

  • Covers: Keep moisture out of your FireDisc if you store it outdoors and protect the porous cooking surface.
  • Tie downs: Keep your grill safe and secure at a campground with our lockable tie downs.
  • Cutting boards and knife sharpeners: Our natural bamboo cutting board’s unique and eco-friendly design includes a built-in knife sharpener.
  • Wind helmets: Do not let a windy day hamper your cooking experience. This easily attachable wind helmet will protect your heat source. 
  • Plus so much more: View the accessories page on our website to discover additional options.


Amaze friends and family and have them coming back for seconds with new disc cooker recipes in Texas. Check out the various creations on our website from our team and loyal customers across the country.

Treat Yourself with some Mouth-Watering Texas Disc Cooker Recipes

Not convinced? View our recipes or even submit your own recipe. We'd love to see the creative dishes you create with our FireDisc cooker!