Portable Outdoor Propane Cooker in Texas

At FireDisc, we're going to change the way you approach the outdoors with our Texas portable backpacking propane cooker.

The Backpacking Meal Plan 

We've eaten plenty of powdered meals and food substitutes. We know that's what backpackers often turn to because there's just no other viable option when you're hiking and making camp miles from civilization.

All of that changes with the Texas portable outdoor propane cooker. We offer compact designs that are perfect for backpacking, and the whole device breaks down and sets up in seconds. All you need is one propane canister and you can cook for two hours.

So, leave those unappetizing meals at home. Use the portable backpacking propane cooker in Texas to cook up real, hot meals – no matter where you are. Chicken. Steak. Hamburgers. Eggs. Sausage. pancakes. You name it, and you can make it with our Texas portable outdoor propane cooker.

What We Offer 

We know you're looking for more than just a great product. When you buy our Texas portable backpacking propane cooker, you should know that we: 

  • Stand behind every sale with a five-year warranty.
  • Are easy to work with if you have any questions.
  • Provide instructional videos to show you the easy, three-second setup.
  • Offer plenty of accessories and options – like red and black finishes, 24- and 36-inch stands and deep and shallow cooking surfaces.

The FireDisc cooker itself is going to change every trip you take for the rest of your life. It seasons better than cast iron, it cleans easily with nothing but water, and it allows you to feed whole groups quickly. We promise you're going to love yours, and so is anyone who goes hiking with you.

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