See FireDisc in action!

Watch here as we and our brand ambassadors, industry friends, and retail/corporate partners hunt, fish and cook our way through epic adventures across the country, FireDisc in tow. FireDisc is the original portable propane cooker! Here you will find tips, demonstrations, instructions and more, all featuring FireDisc!

What's Cooking on Your Boat?

Posted on Aug 23, 2017

.Catch and Cook on the FireDisc

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Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report Season 13, Episode 18 featuring FireDisc Cookers

Posted on Aug 07, 2017

Rick Murphy and FireDisc Cookers.

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FireDisc Cookers Assembly

Posted on May 15, 2017

FireDisc Cooker Assembly with a ten-year-old. It's that easy. Head to to check us out. Built to Haul, Cooks It All!

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Spring 2017 TV Commercial

Posted on May 03, 2017

Check out our amazing new TV commercial for Spring 2017. You can watch it live here or catch it on the Pursuit, Sportsmans and The Outdoor Channel soon! Built to Haul, Cooks It All!

Read More Interviews Captain Lou at the ATA Show

Posted on Jan 16, 2017 interviews Captain Lou at the ATA Show.

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Fresh Venison Backstraps

Posted on Nov 22, 2016

Learn how to whip up some delicious chicken-fried-fresh venison backstrap on the FireDisc! From the breading to the frying, we've included all of the steps for this recipe!

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Fall 2016 TV Commercial

Posted on Sep 02, 2016

Voice over by Willy Braun of Reckless Kelly

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How to Deep Clean Your FireDisc

Posted on Aug 19, 2016

We burn some BBQ sauce onto the FireDisc and show you how easy it cleans up! No heavy scrubbing, no chemicals or soap.

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How to Season Your FireDisc Cooker

Posted on Aug 19, 2016

These simple steps will help you season your FireDisc right! Seasoning your FireDisc helps protect it from rust and helps keep food from sticking or burning.

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Attaching the FireDisc Adapter Hose

Posted on Aug 16, 2016

Using your FireDisc Adapter Hose is easy; just follow these simple steps to attach your large propane tank to your FireDisc Cooker.

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