3 Tips for a Mighty Marinade

Before the meat and FIREDISC® ever meet, there’s a critical prep step to take: Marinate. It’ll soften leaner, drier meats, and add great taste to tougher cuts. You’re adding moisture that’ll keep the meat hydrated and tender to the end.

3 tips for marinating

1. Fork it
Tenderize meat with a fork to give it more surface to flavor, and put it in a zip bag with the air removed. Refrigerate and let it soak.

2. Don’t forget the foundation
Salt and oil are the base — from there you can add taste boosters such as basil, garlic cloves, soy sauce, sugar, and more. Experiment with your favorite flavors.

3. Add something acidic
Balance and boost flavor with small doses of chipotle powder, cilantro, or horseradish. Other condiments such as chutney, flavored mustard, tapenade, and wasabi work well too.