Limited Warranty:


In general, cookers manufactured by TEXAS CUSTOM GRILLS, LLC® are warrantied against defects in material and workmanship for five (5) years from the date of purchase and all parts and accessories are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for one (1) year from the date of purchase. However, you must refer to your Owner’s Guide for the warranty terms that apply to your particular product. This warranty applies only to the ORIGINAL PURCHASER and is not transferable. Therefore, we require reasonable proof of your date of purchase. Therefore, you should retain your sales slip or invoice

This limited warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of parts that prove defective under normal use and service and which on examination, to TEXAS CUSTOM GRILLS, LLC’ satisfaction, they are defective. If the warranty applies, the manufacturer will repair or replace, at their discretion, the grill or any part or component that is deemed defective without charge. In the event of parts availability issues, the manufacturer reserves the right to substitute like or similar parts that are equally functional.

This warranty is void if the grill is used commercially, structurally altered or subjected to stress beyond the physical limits of the materials used in body or components, or is damaged as a result of abnormal use. This limited warranty does not cover any failures or operating difficulties due to accident, abuse, misuse, alteration, misapplication, vandalism, improper installation or improper maintenance or service, or failure to perform normal and routine maintenance. Normal wear and tear and deterioration or damage due to severe weather conditions such as hail, hurricanes, earthquakes or tornadoes is not warranted. This limited warranty applies to the functionality of the product ONLY and does not cover cosmetic issues such as scratches, dents, corrosions or discoloring by heat, abrasive and chemical cleaners or any tools used in the assembly or installation of the appliance, surface rust, or the discoloration of stainless steel surfaces.

There are no other express warrants except as set forth herein and any applicable implied warranties or merchantability and fitness are limited in duration to the period of coverage of this express written limited warranty. This warranty does not include any manufacturer responsibility for any special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of the grill. If warranty applies, the manufacturer will repair or replace, at their discretion, the grill or any part or component that is deemed defective.

Neither dealers nor the retail establishment selling this product has any authority to make any additional warranties or to promise remedies in addition to or inconsistent with those stated above. TEXAS CUSTOM GRILLS’ maximum liability, in any event, shall not exceed the purchase price of the product paid by the original purchaser.

TEXAS CUSTOM GRILLS, LLC® reserves the right to change products and designs without incurring any obligations to you and incorporate such changes into already completed products, or those in the hands of dealers or consumers. Products prepaid or replaced under this warranty may or may not incorporate these changes. Damaged products must be returned directly to TEXAS CUSTOM GRILLS, LLC® with postage and or freight pre-paid by the consumer for review and examination. Please include a copy of original sales receipt.