Thank you for taking a look at the FIREDISC® affiliate program. We encourage you to take the first step to help promote the finest brand of portable propane cookers on the market today. We are confident in the performance and quality construction of all of our products, and when you take the leap to join our family of proud affiliates and/or owners of FIREDISC® products, we know you’ll feel the same. We look forward to working with you and seeing you at a tailgate, duck or deer blind, campground, or one of the other countless places you can cook your favorite meals on your new premium FIREDISC® Cooker. All applicants are vetted by FIREDISC®, and approval is granted at our discretion.


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  • FIREDISC® does not allow trademark, trademark plus bidding or any misspellings of the brand name nor work with lead generation or allow adult content or gambling content.
  • FIREDISC® has set MAP policies and does not allow changes to their MSRP
  • FIREDISC® does not allow paid search (PPC), email campaigns, or popup ads to be used with our affiliate program.

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