We are really excited to be in early on a product that is going to huge within the next year.
Glen Harper
Green Top Sporting Goods - Ashland, VA


We partner with the world's most innovative product manufacturers, and we choose FireDisc.
Max Stone
Stone's Hardware (ACE), Clinton, MI


FireDisc is revolutionizing the way our Field Sales Teams interact with customers. Our success with the product has been driven by FireDisc's passion for great selling.
Mark Washburn
VP of Sales, Crawford's Outdoors, Hays, KS


When FireDisc came to Tulsa, Hot Springs and Bixby, we did cooking demonstrations. I think the demos went well. We had a good time cooking and giving hot dogs to our customers. We got a lot of interest in the FireDisc and good feedback from our customers … we thought the demo went well, and we appreciate them doing it.
David Putnam
District Manager, Sutherlands/Cimmaron Lumber, Kansas City, MO


In my many years with Sutherlands, I've found that there's nothing more rewarding or exciting than finding new and innovative products and providing them to our customers at the lowest price. FireDisc is clearly in that category. Our customers depend on us and we're committed to deliver.
Scott Sanders
Category Buyer, Sutherlands/Cimmaron Lumber, Kansas City, MO


FireDisc offers us the ability to show a new and innovate product in our stores and also brings originality to our outdoor cooking category. Every one of our competitors carry traditional charcoal or propane grills, but we have FireDisc. FireDisc allows us to offer a customers a year round solution to their outdoor cooking needs. We are able to hit many new customers whether they plan to use it on the patio, at the tailgate, or out hunting fishing and camping. We are doing well with FireDisc, however I believe we have just scratched the surface...
Scott Drawbaugh
Category Manager, Lenexa, KS 66215


I was first introduced to FireDisc by a family member. He told me I should take a look and see if I thought it would be a fit in my store. Man was he right! FireDisc has been such a positive addition to our grill line up. We have customers that come in regularly for charcoal and accessories for their smokers. The FireDisc does not take away from any of those sales, as it compliments a smoker very well. It brings in traffic that we would not have had otherwise. Now, with the added brand awareness FireDisc has achieved, customers are coming in asking about FireDisc, and the accessories to accompany. If you want something to offer your customers a unique, affordable alternative to a traditional grill, give FireDisc a chance. It can do things that a regular grill would never be able to achieve. The possibilities are endless. From steaks to fajitas and even incredible chili. It can do it all. I personally own one and I use it all the time. The staff is more than accommodating to help you succeed.
Garrett Loverin
Southern Leisure Spas & Patio, Flower Mound, TX


I appreciate FireDisc reaching out and giving us the opportunity to set up some demos. I am excited to get it going and allow my outfitters to learn how to speak to your product!
Saree Joyner
General Outdoors Manager, Cabela's, League City, TX


We love FireDisc and the team behind the product! You have been able to bring the kitchen to the outdoors, making it easy for our customers to hunt, fish, shoot and camp anywhere!
Hayley Allinson-Kuehn
Retail Marketing Manager, Cabela's, League City, TX


Our staff is in love with FireDisc. It is unique and offers many different ways to cook a huge variety of foods. Employees are loving showing and selling these to our customers. What's more, the P.O.S. display and videos REALLY help tell the story of this unique product and all that it has to offer... Thanks to Chef Conor, personally, for being such an important part of our sales staff with your informative and enlightening (not to mention entertaining) product demonstrations. Folks love sampling the wide variety of foods that you prepare on the FireDisc. We believe that 2017 is going to be a record sales year for us with the FireDisc Cooker. This is truly a "fun product" to talk about, show and sell!
Jeff Cunningham
Cunningham Gas Products, Spring, TX