Roy Seiders – Founder & Chairman – YETI® Coolers

I love my FIREDISC® and take it with me wherever I go, whether I'm fishing for redfish on the Port O'Connor coat or hunting deer in South Texas. FIREDISC® really is built to haul and certainly cooks it all. Look out for FIREDISC®, they are poised to be the next big thing in the outdoor industry!!
Roy Seiders
YETI® Coolers

Meat Church

I’m the king of cooking all things on live fire. I’ve had season tickets to the Dallas Cowboys for nearly 20 seasons. I have to throw down food for hundreds at our tailgate parties so my Blue FIREDISC® is the perfect tool for the job! It’s so portable, great to cook on and easy to clean up!
Meat Church

Brad Myers Pro-Staff, Nocked and Loaded

FIREDISC® should be a part of every backpacker’s and tent camper’s arsenal. We pack our FIREDISC® into base camp and then have a great, easy way to cook when we return at dark. No more hassling and burning on an open flame!
Brad Myers
Pro-Staff, Nocked and Loaded

Kevin Fowler – Texas country singer and songwriter

The FIREDISC® cooker is awesome!! Whether we’re using it on tour with the band or on the tailgate of my truck at the deer lease, it always comes through for me. The convenience and compact portability makes it perfect on the tour bus. But the FIREDISC® is equally as functional in my backyard cooking fajitas and drinking beer. Love my FIREDISC®.
Kevin Fowler
Texas country singer and songwriter

Tailgater Magazine

Cooking and tailgating are the perfect combo. Taking your huge grill from the house to the tailgate is not usually feasible or easy to do. The team at FIREDISC® has some smaller (I call them super WOKS) cookers that are portable enough to take to your tailgate or your next camping adventure.
Tailgater Magazine

Jim Ferguson Nationally Syndicated Radio Show Host, Outdoor Channel

A FIREDISC® is made of high-quality products like ultra-high-carbon steel as well as powder coating that can withstand high temperatures and resist damage. The amazing design has made this cooker very sturdy, virtually indestructible and capable of lasting a lifetime, and that is what makes the investment so worthwhile.
Jim Ferguson
Nationally Syndicated Radio Show Host, Outdoor Channel

Reckless Kelly

Howdy everybody out there in FIREDISC® country, we’re Reckless Kelly. As a band, one thing we do and do well is tour. Something else that tours well, is this damn FireDisc®. Much like us, FIREDISC® knows how to get on the road and perform. No matter the place, no matter the crowd.
Reckless Kelly

Lou Gasperin Fishing & Outdoor Ambassador

FIREDISC®s are the most versatile, portable, bullet-proof, never-die cookers ever designed. TheFIREDISC® is ridiculously portable, yet bullet-proof durable. The design enables an ease of use I have never experienced and greatly appreciate. Set-up takes seconds, even in some of the most challenging and remote fishing locations you can imagine. Then, clean-up is a breeze. When fishing and hunting, every pound carried and inch of space needed for gear is meticulously planned. FIREDISC®s pack tight.
Lou Gasperin Fishing & Outdoor Ambassador

Todd Purifoy Outdoorsman, Digital Media Strategist, Photographer

I shoot things…and then I eat them. The FIREDISC®has proven to be incredibly portable, versatile, and efficient in the field. Doesn’t get any fresher than field to plate. Feeding myself, or the whole crew is no problem! I take it everywhere I go.
Todd Purifoy Outdoorsman, Digital Media Strategist, Photographer


Best Cooker I have ever seen. Can cook anything! I dominated at the Texans game.
Texasfan - Houston, TX


My name is Spanky, a.k.a Mike Herman, a struggling camp cook. Ever try cooking for a bunch of hungry hunters or a group of fly fishermen? Oh let me rephrase that a group of hungry fly fisherpersons! Sorry ladies no offense meant! Oh yeah the problem is that that there never enough cooking surface, ever try cooking for a large number of people wanting bacon, sausage, home fries, and eggs three different ways? Someone is not going to be happy! As we all know, if the foods not good, it doesn’t matter how good of a hunt, or how great of a catch there is – the outing is ruined. No problem with the FIREDISC®! I can cook all I need, any way people like! With FIREDISC®, I can keep food warm by moving it to outer edge, I serve right from cooker, and they are fast, easy to clean, and very portable. All this gives us more time in woods or on the stream! Thank you FIREDISC®, Cabelas, and your recommendation Lou Gasperin! Full sights and tight lines Spankster!
Mike Herman - “Spanky”, Camp Cook


I purchased the cover and spatula / scoop and wind helmet. The quality of all three is impressive. Like Yeti, over-engineered, but not overpriced!
Kansas City, MO - FIREDISC® User


I can take this bad boy with me anywhere! Easy to clean and clean up is simple! Cooks burgers, chili and fries up a mean catfish!
Cooking Monster - Texas


Loving the FIREDISC® accessories as gifts for my grilling family members. They are as high quality and well designed as the cookers themselves!
William R - New York, NY


Love how you can cook so many different things, and I don't need to worry about burning the house down! When I cook in the house, I seem to have a problem with smoke... but this takes the flexibility of cooking indoors outside… so I just feel way more comfortable cooking on my FIREDISC® in general.
Aparis - St Louis, MO


I used this product for the 1st time at a college football game tailgate. Easily fit in the trunk of my car. Easy to set-up and start using in minutes. We were able to feed a large crowd, and there is nothing better than breakfast burritos at 9am. If you are going tailgating, this is a must have.
tailgater56 - Evanston, IL


Excellent quality! FIREDISC® is the best! Cooked steak and soups on this cooker...nothing tastes better. I think this is the most ideal cooking equipment around, compared to others that I have tried. I can use it in our backyard or I can bring it somewhere else for a picnic or beach getaway.
Anakolapa - Las, Vegas, NV


I have had my 24" FIREDISC® Cooker for a few months now and am constantly amazed at all the things I can cook on it. It is wonderful for eggs and bacon, burgers and brats and is wonderful as a fryer. We cant stop making funnel cakes. Set up takes seconds and cleanup is a simple wipe down. What a great product. Cooking on my FIREDISC® is like putting on a show.
Badge 69 - Madison, WI


We use our cooker for EVERYTHING at home... Scrambled eggs, sausage & potatoes for breakfast. Burgers & hot dogs for lunch and my husband's specialty, blackened fish for dinner, to name a few! Its super easy to transport so we take it on the road as well!
GrillMama - Texas


Absolutely love this tool. Name me another cooking tool that can flip burgers, scoop out fried fish, gumbo or chili and that is contoured perfectly to help clean your cooker. The ultimate cooking weapon is truly a great addition to the already amazing line of products that these FIREDISC® guys have come up with. If you have a FIREDISC®, you NEED the ultimate cooking weapon, the FIREDISC® Shovel.
R White - Texas


If you have a grill guru in your midst - get them the FIREDISC® 36 and you will have a friend for life. There are so many great features it is tough to distill them down in a few short words... Here goes: the height is true brilliance! No more stooping over to cook! Clean- up - snap! Storage - done! It tucks easily in garage so you do not have to share your beautiful yard with a behemoth piece of equipment. Best of all - this takes you waaaaay past burgers and enables you to cook anything from fajitas to gumbo!
Jrober - Seattle, WA


Used this product for 8 months now and absolutely love the versatility... From hamburgers to chicken strips to breakfast to stir fry, I've not cooked anything that didn't come out great!!
Rmb55 - Little Rock, AR


Wife bought this for my birthday -took it that weekend to tailgate at a Ranger game. All I can say is WOW! We LOVE this thing!!!
Bonesetter1997 - San Angelo, TX


First use was a shrimp, beef, and chicken fajita bar for about 20 people. Worked perfectly, fired right up and cooked several pounds of meat in minutes!”
Firediscj1 - Missouri


Set up and seasoning was a snap! It is very easy to move around on the patio. I received it just in time for Labor Day weekend. Cooked some burgers that tasted great. I washed it out, wiped it down with oil, and clean up was done. I will never again have to tear a cooker apart to clean it. And, there are zero flame throw your water bottle away.
CEHill73 - Marion, IL


Living in one of the many lake areas of Minnesota I love to fish. This cooker is fantastic for frying fish and shore lunches. Unlike many other methods of frying fish this cooker gets plenty hot so the fish is crispy on the outside without being greasy on the inside. The fish is perfect every time. The cooker is sturdy, well made and easy to use. I like the ability to close it down and store it in the garage. The cooker is great for many types of food, I especially like to cook breakfast on it. Where else can you cook a pound of bacon in one place?
Jim S. - Brainerd, MN


I was asked by one of the Vets that we are taking to Canada about doing a Canadian Shore Lunch. He had read about them. I told him that with 12 of us going, it would be hard to do. I had planned on buying one of those Big Daddy fry pans but with the pan and mile long handle, I talked myself out of it. Your FIREDISC®, will work perfectly.
Don Aiken - Director of Operations, Take A Vet Fishing


"I thought I had all I needed for my outdoor cooking. Gas grill, smoker, Big Green Egg. Then I saw the FIREDISC® and thought. It look neat. Its portable. Sure, I think I could use that. Then I actually cooked with it. It is one of the most versatile and convenient cookers you will ever own. It will compliment anything you currently own. You can do things with the FIREDISC® that you can't on any other cooker. To date, I have fried donuts & chicken, made 3 gallons of gumbo, had a fajita party for 10 people, made paella, fried rice, and seared steaks. The FIREDISC® doesnt compete with a grill, a smoker, or a BGE. If you are a serious outdoor cooker, get yourself a FIREDISC®."
June 2018 Rapid City, SD


"I love my FIREDISC® and take it with me wherever I go, whether I'm fishing for redfish on the Port O’Connor coast or hunting deer in South Texas. FIREDISC® really is built to haul, and it certainly cooks it all. Look out for FIREDISC®; they are poised to be the next big thing in the outdoor industry."
Roy Seiders - Founder & Chairman of YETI Coolers