YOU decide how to cash in with FIREDISC Rewards

Climb the points ladder and cash in for gear and tools

FIREDISC Rewards is our way to say thanks for your loyalty! It’s a unique way to share all the best of FIREDISC®. Redeem points for discounts for apparel, tools, or your next FIREDISC® cooker!

A rewards membership includes:

FREE GEARNab swag to flex on the FIREDISC® life
Be the first to know about everything new
Cash in when friends and family get FIREDISC®
man cooking on a firediscBIG BOOSTS
Use your points for BIG SAVINGS


Plain easy ways to earn points and rewards!

Equip yourself with gear and tools through FIREDISC rewards

YOU, FIREDISC® Nation, are our best advocates. We know you can’t go to the campsite or tailgate without ‘disc gawkers checking out your champ of a cooker. It’s time you earned some rewards for your referrals!

Here’s how to grab points:


Exchange points for FIREDISC discounts and products

Chase the gear and weapons you want with rewards points

Here’s the fun part: We get to distribute the gear and accessories you want for your points! How will you spend yours? A hundred points equal $1. Here’s what to do:

Step 1Click on
Step 2Select
Ways to Redeem
in the popup
Step 3Check
and watch the magic happen