The Original Series

The Original Series

Propane Cookers

A modern, high-performance version of an authentic plow disc cooker, FIREDISC makes our propane cookers to last, perfect for easy disassembly, travel, and storage. FIREDISC fires up fast, cooks virtually anything, seasons like a cast-iron skillet and cleans up quickly with just water. These portable propane cookers are going to change the way you cook outdoors — you’ll never go back to a traditional grill when you have one of FIREDISC’s outdoor propane cookers.

At FIREDISC, we understand that grilling is more than just a way to cook food. It’s a way of life, and you can pursue that passion for grilling with one of our high-quality propane gas cookers. We’ve crafted our propane cookers with the perfect combination of durability and innovative design so guests can taste the meat and not the heat.

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