Fired Up with Michael Garfield

FIREDISC® Nation, we are excited to announce our new podcast – Fired Up With Michael Garfield!

When we decided to start a podcast here at FIREDISC®, there was only one choice for the job, our Pro Ambassador – Michael Garfield. It is tough to categorize Michael as he fits and defines many categories.  He is heard, seen and read by an audience of millions with his unique take, comments and reviews on everything from technology to travel; fashion to food.

Based in Houston, Michael hosts radio programs heard around the world on iHeartRadio and terrestrially across the southwest United States. Now we bring that talent and “Fired Up” enthusiasm to our new podcast.

At FIREDISC® it is all about good food, great music, and enjoying time with family and friends. The memories we make during these special times are the heart and soul of our brand. Get ready for some exciting episodes ahead!

FIRED UP Podcast is available below and on the following channels as well:



Google Podcast

Fired Up with Michael Garfield EP1 - The Jaggard Boys | FIREDISC Cookers

Fired Up | Episode 1
Meet the Owners of FIREDISC, Griff and Hunter Jaggard.

Fired Up With Michael Garfield EP2 - RC Ranch Meats | FIREDISC Cookers

Fired Up | Episode 2
Talking Texas Craft Meats with Ryan Cade from R-C Ranch.

Fired Up with Michael Garfield EP3 - Texas Motor Speedway | FIREDISC Cookers

Fired Up | Episode 3
The need for SPEED…Michael heads to Texas Motor Speedway to check out the new cars for 2021 and the future!

Episode 4 | FIREDISC Cookers

Fired Up | Episode 4
Enjoy cooking and having some great brews as Michael experience Buffalo Bayou Brewery and Firedisc Cooking.