Top Customer Service Topics
  • 1. The regulator on my FIREDISC® Cooker doesn’t seem to work (or displays low flame or low heat). What should I do?
    a. The regulator and conversion hose is equipped with a gas-leak protection device. If the knob was turned to the low position or pushed in when you attached the 16.4 oz. “green” canister, or if you attached the hose and turned on the 20-lb. tank too fast, it could have sensed a leak and shut down. Please follow these steps with the 16.4-oz. canister: Turn off the regulator, making sure the regulator knob is in the full off position. (It should not be pushed down/in.) Unhook the canister. Double-check the regulator knob to ensure it’s in the off position Wait 1 to 2 minutes, then attach the canister and re-light. This will reset the safety valve. If this occurs with a conversion hose hooked up to a 20-lb. tank, complete the following steps: Turn off the regulator, making sure the regulator knob is in the full off position. (It should not be pushed down/in.) Turn off the main gas valve on the 20-lb. tank. Unhook the hose from the regulator and then the tank. (Do this in a well-ventilated area, since gas will drain from the hose.) Wait 1 to 2 minutes. Hook up the hose again to the 20-lb. tank and then the regulator. Slowly turn on the 20-lb. tank valve and allow the gas to fill the hose. Re-light
  • 2. My FireDisc is too hot.
    Look where the regulator screws into the burners and you will see 2 screws. Loosen those screws a little bit and you will be able to turn that metal piece which opens and closes your vents. If you put the screws in the middle of the slats, that will close your vents up as much as they close which will allow less oxygen into the burner. Try playing around with that and see if it helps.
  • 3. I noticed the bottom of the FIREDISC® Cooker is black. Is this normal?
    After repeated use, eventually the direct flame touching the bottom of the disc will cause it to discolor. No worries; this is normal.
  • My FireDisc has rusted. What do I do now?
    Left unseasoned and exposed to too much moisture, your FIREDISC® Cooker will rust. In case of rust, don’t worry - it’s only surface rust. It can be easily removed by using Bar Keeper's Friend cleanser & polish or a mixture of baking soda and water, depending on the severity. Remember to always apply a light coating of cooking oil after cleaning it help prevent rust developing. Here is a video about how to remove the rust: Here is an articles about removing rust from your FireDisc: There are different methods to removing the rust so which ever works for you is fine. After you finish getting the rust off you will need to season the cooker to help prevent rusting in the future. Here is a video about how to season your cooker: Here is an article about seasoning your cooker as well:
  • Where can I buy FIREDISC® products?
    On our website you can search for a certified FIREDISC® retailer near you. If there are no retailers near you, simply order online.
  • What type of steel is my FIREDISC® Cooker made from?
    The FIREDISC® Cooker is made from ultra-high-carbon steel. Carbon steel has similar properties to cast iron, so you treat it the same as your best cast-iron cookware. Plus, it’s easy to clean.
  • How can I hook up the FireDisc to my RV through quick connect?
    Directions on how to connect your FireDisc to Quick Connect: View here
  • How many BTUs will my FIREDISC® Cooker produce?
    +/- 15,000 BTUs
  • Where are FIREDISC® products manufactured?
    FIREDISC® products are manufactured overseas in several countries.
  • What if my regulator will not screw all the way into the burner?
    a. The vents on the burner can get moved around during shipment to prevent the regulator from screwing in all the way. Please copy and paste the link below in your browser to see a PDF on how to re-situate the vents so your regulator can be screwed in properly.
  • How do I clean my FIREDISC® Cooker?
    a. After the initial cleaning of the FIREDISC® Cooker (after unpacking and before using), routine cleaning of your cooker is easy. After cooking, simply wash out the disc with water and wipe clean with a dry towel. If you need to deep clean, simply set the cooker on high and allow the disc to heat for about 8 minutes. In a circular motion, pour a good amount of ice water, including ice, into the disc. Let the water boil and cool down, then wipe the disc clean. Repeat as needed. If stubborn food remains, allow the disc to cool, use a good non-metal scouring brush add salt, scrub clean, rinse, and wipe dry. Using the salt will not harm the seasoned disc. After cleaning, don’t forget to add a light layer of vegetable or canola oil to the disc to prevent rusting.