A modern, high-performance version of an authentic plow disc cooker, FIREDISC is built to last and designed to be easily taken down for travel and storage. FIREDISC fires up fast, cooks virtually anything, seasons like a cast-iron skillet and cleans up quickly with just water. These portable propane cookers are going to change the way you cook outdoors — you’ll never go back to a traditional grill!

THE ORIGINAL FIREDISC – 36” TALL Portable Propane Cooker



THE ORIGINAL FIREDISC – 24” SHORT Portable Propane Cooker



The Original FIREDISC Skillet Discada- 24” Short Portable Propane Skillet Disco

$279.99 $229.99


FIREDISC makes a variety of high-quality, functional, and unique accessories all made specifically to use with your FIREDISC outdoor propane cooker. With our collection of grill accessories by your side, you will be able to boost your cooking experience and focus on your flavors like never before.


Ultimate Cooking Weapon™


FireDisc® Wind Helmet


Ultimate Frying Weapon™



Whether you’re an advanced outdoorsman or an outdoor cooking hobbyist, the experts at FIREDISC have carefully curated a bundle full of high-quality cooking equipment to fit all your needs. Find the one that’s right for you and start cooking!

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Sauces & Seasoning

FIREDISC and flavor go hand-in-hand, that's why we've created a collection of curated sauces and seasonings to take your dishes to a whole new level. Whether you're frying up the catch-of-the-day out on the boat or sautéing veggies for the family on your back patio, you can count on our delicious variety of sauces and seasonings to spice up your life.

FIREDISC seafood seasoning

Diane’s Secret Seafood Seasonings


FIREDISC beef seasoning

Bodacious Beef Seasoning


FIREDSIC stir fry seasoning

Super Savory Stir Fry Seasoning



FIREDISC fanatics rejoice! Our branded apparel items, like our FIREDISC cookers, are versatile and made for the ultimate outdoorsman. Rock our iconic trucker hat or one of our ultra-comfortable t-shirts, and look as good as you cook.

Traditional Trucker Hat



River Bush Hat


Decals & Stickers

ACCESSORIZE AND DECORATE YOUR COOKER There's no better way to display your FIREDISC pride than with one of our branded vinyl decals! Decorate your FIREDISC cooker, the windows of your boat or vehicle, or even your favorite cooler with these tough, made-to-last vinyl stickers.


FireDisc Attack Camo Decal 3-Pack


ducks decal

FireDisc Red Decal 3-Pack



FireDisc White Decal 3-Pack



All the high-quality FIREDISC replacement parts you may need to keep your propane cooker in top condition.


Replacement Propane Gas LP Regulator (For Cookers Post 2018)


FIREDISC replacement powder coated burner

Replacement Burner – Powder Coated