Cooks It All

With a FireDisc® cooker, you can cook virtually everything.

The 22-inch cooking surface on a FireDisc cooker gives you ample area to cook lots of food. Three temperature zones allow you to cook your veggies and meat at the same time or keep some food warm while other food cooks. And, like a cast-iron skillet, FireDisc seasons over time, enhancing flavor. Cleanup is easy. It only takes a minute or two, and all you need is water.

FireDisc can cook almost anything

FireDisc is perfect for fishermen’s shore lunch, making soup on a cold day, cooking steaks in hunting camp or burgers in the campground, even stir fry on the back patio. There’s almost nothing FireDisc can’t cook!

Fires up fast — no waiting for charcoal

Since FireDisc operates on propane, it fires up immediately, so you can be cooking in seconds. No need to wait for charcoal to be ready when hungry friends and family await the meal after an active day outdoors.

Seasons better than a cast-iron skillet

The surface on a FireDisc is actually considerably more porous than the surface on a cast-iron skillet. This means, as you use your FireDisc, it will become more and more seasoned for non-stick cooking, protection from rust and a continually superior taste experience.

FireDisc will be the center of attention

With FireDisc, you’ll also find that the cooking experience is more fun, too. Everyone will gather around the FireDisc, so the cook isn’t isolated from others, and there’s no lid to interfere or smoke to drive people away.

Cleans up quickly with just water

When you’re done cooking and your FireDisc is cooled, rinse with water, wipe clean with a paper towel and, once clean, apply a light coating of cooking oil. Fast and simple cleanup — that’s ideal for on-the-go outdoor lovers!

Variable temperature zones let you cook different foods at the same time

With ample cooking surface, you can cook multiple things at once and at varying temperatures by moving items further from center into a second or third temperature zone; this is ideal for keeping the veggies warm while the meat cooks, too.

Serves more people than grills, other devices

A FireDisc feeds more people per square inch than any other cooking device. With a circumference of 69 inches, FireDisc has ample cooking surface to cook for a large number of people.