5 ways FIREDISC® cooking can save you in your busy lifestyle

If that color-coded calendar in your kitchen is any sign, you’re busy. If only there was a way — and a cooker — that could save you time in meal prep? Lucky for you, there is FIREDISC.

It’s easy to let FIREDISC® ease your frantic schedule.

  1. Simple meal prep

Plan out several days of meals on the FIREDISC, and it’s easy to get your ingredients together. Chop, sort, and store to start your week.

  1. Versatility

Toss on some South Texas Breakfast Tacos in the morning and fire it up for FIREDISC® Kreplach later in the day. Cook, fry, grill, simmer, and more.

  1. Portability

It’s as easy to use on the back porch as it is in the backcountry. No matter where you go, you can cook up something good, fast.

  1. A cinch to use

With a lineup of cooking weapons and three heat zones, FIREDISC® cooking is a breeze to master. And experimenting is also easy. 

  1. Easy clean-up

All you need is water and a towel or two. We’re talking one, two minutes max. Rub on another layer of oil to season, and you’re good to go.