FIREDISC cook’s guide to boiling

It’s easy, it’s basic, and it’s also high-octane and results-driven. Boilings got some merit, definite clout among FIREDISC® Nation especially. It’s time to turn up the heat to 11.

To boil is to change the dynamics of a dish in a flash.

It’s applied to veggies, eggs, meats, and more every day, and the beauty of it is your FIREDISC® is built to boil it beautifully. You’ve got the love child of a plow disc cooker and a skillet right here on your back porch.

Boiling is just a few degrees hotter than poaching and simmering, but it makes a huge impact on the fare you prepare.

Here’s how to boil like a boss on your FIREDISC cooker.

  1. Bring the heat to bring to boil

To get your liquid roiling, high heat is the captain. Keep the Ultimate Flattop Lid in place to get the water bubbling and the steam circulating. This’ll begin cooking in an even, uniform matter.

  1. Lift the lid to simmer

If you’re boiling to bring to a simmer, skip the lid once you’ve gotten the roiling going. The water and FIREDISC® surface are hot enough to keep cooking. Covering back up at this point will just bring you back to the boil.

  1. Grade the water level for your grate

You don’t want your corn and shrimp to swim in your boiling water. No, you’re going to want the roiling waves to bounce up just beneath the Ultimate Grilling Grate. Pop open the vent and let the steam deliver you to deliciousness.

  1. Boiling with beer? Try this one

A pale ale is where it’s at when it comes to boiling, especially a Lowcountry boil. They’ve got a citrus taste, floral aromas, and hoppy undertones for smoothness. Keep one on hand to enjoy WITH the boil, too.

  1. And lastly …

Don’t fill the ‘disc too high with water before you boil. Look for signs of doneness that vary by food – pinkish hue to shrimp, tenderness to veggies. Dispose of leftover water after it cools.