FIREDISC® founders Hunter and Griff Jaggard set out to accomplish from the inception of the brand back in 2010. FIREDISC® believes in building the best to cook the best — so cookers can be handed down from one generation to the next. FIREDISC® products are made from only the finest ultra-high carbon steel, and then powder-coated via a unique process that results in extreme durability and the ultimate in versatile cookability.

FIREDISC® is a level above the rest, quite literally — and is born to rise above the competition. Similar to the finest of whiskeys and bourbons, FIREDISC® Cookers are made in batches. Each batch of FIREDISC® Cookers has a unique pore pattern that results in different seasoning characteristics, and you can identify your FIREDISC® Cooker’s batch by its Born On Date.

What Born On Date do you have?

Born On Dates can be found on the box and on the leg of your FIREDISC® Cooker.
Owning a FIREDISC® Cooker will forever change the way you cook outside and will provide amazing memories for years to come. Fire it up and Gather ‘Round!