A vast cooking canvas: FIREDISC is supremely versatile

This is not your average outdoor cooker.

No, the FIREDISC is sometimes called a grill, but that’s limiting. Sure, it can grill, but it can also fry, steam, and more. We haven’t even gotten to the sauteeing and the baking yet.

Check out what we’re talking about — and try these recipes for every cooking method you’ll ever need.


What is a FIREDISC® cooker?

FIREDISC is a low-maintenance, high-tech outdoor propane cooker. It’s portable, reasonable, and impossible to forget. In the cowboy wok cooker tradition, FIREDISC provides a spacious cooking surface. Plus, tons of cooking method options, and easy setup and clean up.

How versatile IS this thing?

A FIREDISC behaves like no other cooker. It’s prime for grilling, searing, and frying, but also able to steam, bake, and broil. So let’s shake, rattle, and roll our way to different dishes and methods.



It’s a snap in the FIREDISC format. The cooking surface is perfect for dramatic effect and hypnotic flames.

Why FIREDISC chefs love it: It carmelizes food and lends a fine liquor flavor to desserts and sauces. Such a wealth of possibilities.

How it’s done: Bet your bottom dollar the FIREDISC pan is perfect for this: rounded, deep sides. Use FIREDISC tools with long handles for safety.

Recommended: Off the grid or in the suburbs, it’s tough to top a dessert like FIREDISC Fireball Peaches. Heat up the nightcap with this delicious dish.



Watch your family swarm to the cooker when there are wings, pickles, fries, and such hitting the oil.

Why FIREDISC chefs love it: Cover the spectrum of flavors in the oils alone. Try avocado, olive, peanut, sesame, vegetable, and more.

How it’s done: Heat oil to the perfect temperature, 350-375 degrees Fahrenheit. Use an oil thermometer before you drop in your food.

Recommended: Try a side that’s sure to please. Fried Peppers are a twist on an appetizer that adds a tasty crunch to your meal.



A FIREDISC cooker is a perfect replacement for your old charcoal grill. The even surface gives a full Maillard reaction for the even tastier grilled fare.

Why FIREDISC chefs love it: A monster steak should have a more charred surface than mere grill marks. Get that desired effect on more of your food.

How it’s done: Picture this: A clean, seasoned surface. Achieve this by keeping up your FIREDISC cooker between uses. Here’s how.

Recommended: It’s a classic: Madison’s Pan-seared Steak with Garlic Butter. Imagine heavenly steak on a godsend of a cooker. Here you go.



Water and water vapor have the ability to cook food while preserving its flavor. It takes cooking from a chore to a joy when the results are scrumptious.

Why FIREDISC chefs love it: Steaming can be healthier than frying. And it helps keep in more nutrients than boiling would.

How it’s done: Chefs need the Ultimate Steaming Grate to get the job done. Don’t add too much water; let the steam do the work.

Recommended: Part of the adult experience is enjoying your veggies. Dreamed of Steamed Broccoli is a glowing example of how easy that is.



Some food you just think about all day when you know what you’re having for dinner. When you saute, it’s often that way.

Why FIREDISC chefs love it: At its core, to saute is to fry food in a little bit of fat. It’s a delicious browning of meat or veggies that packs the flavor.

How it’s done: You have to have the right food infrastructure for this quick method. Cut food small, thin, and uniform and cook at room temperature.

Recommended: The contents of this Chop Suey Chicken is what you’d get in takeout, but tons better off a FIREDISC.



It’s a sacred method, an imaginative quest for self-expression. And it’s delicious. I bet you didn’t know you could bake on a FIREDISC.

Why FIREDISC chefs love it: Steak would seem to translate to love, right? Well, baked goods off a cowboy wok have a similar sentiment. Let’s eat.

How it’s done: Want your baked goods to cooperate? Follow directions and start with room-temperature ingredients.

Recommended: This treat looks like one giant s’more. On second glance, the FIREDISC S’mores Bake is exactly that.


Point made: Time to roll with FIREDISC

You don’t have to make everything all at once on your new favorite cooker. It’s easy to overeat the best of things here! Pace yourself with the portable, easy-to-set-up cooker that’ll change your life.

In the backyard, out camping, and at the tailgates, it’s the BEST portable cooker on the market. Makes a great holiday gift too. Let’s shop. Then cook.

Then eat.