Family Labor Day Party Grilling Ideas

The end of summer is approaching (bummer!), but it is not yet time to pack up your grilling equipment. This year, why not make those final summer days special with a new set of Labor Day BBQ ideas? Whether you are hosting a lunchtime get-together, a casual evening party, or even a Labor Day brunch, you can put your grill to good use one last time with these Labor Day grilling tips and tricks.


The end of the summer season offers a selection of delectable fruits and veggies that can inspire even the most traditional griller. Your Labor Day weekend celebrations can be bolstered by grilling up some amazing side dishes. A tip to remember: Before cooking any fruits or veggies directly on the grill, make sure that you have lightly oiled the grate. This will prevent all food from sticking to the grill — a sure way to ruin a delicious dish.

Consider the idea of grilling avocados. Grilled avocados offer a surprisingly distinctive crunchy exterior with a delectable creamy interior. Use the avocados to top a sandwich, serve as a base for your guacamole or even eat them whole with a little bit of salt and pepper!

Other seasonal fruits and veggies available around Labor Day include tomatoes, sweet corn, and peppers, all of which taste delicious when grilled. Running short on family Labor Day activities? Challenge your kids to see who can shuck the most ears of corn in a minute. Your children will love being involved in the preparations for your Labor Day party.


Hamburgers and hot dogs may seem basic, but these classic dishes evoke the end-of-summer feel that your guests are craving at the last cookout of the season. Make sure that you are choosing high-quality meats for your Labor Day grilling party.

Tons of hot dogs and hamburgers make their way to the grill each year, but few offer the distinctive flavors that you really desire. To make your traditional staples sing, consider purchasing:

  • Organic, grass-fed beef hot dogs
  • High-quality brats and sausages from your local farmer’s market
  • Beef or bison sourced from a local meat market or specialty goods store
  • Small-batch, local products that have been carefully prepared

We even love family Labor Day activities like a taste-test to see which hot dog is “the wiener” of the blue ribbon for your eager eaters!

The traditional Labor Day BBQ menu can easily be elevated to a higher plane when you choose the right ingredients. Hot dogs and hamburgers taste best with quality cheeses and toppings. Check out your local farmer’s market or ask your friends to bring along samples from their garden for your tomatoes, onions and lettuce options.


One of the most important tenets of summertime grilling: stay put!

Too many people walk away from their burgers and brats to grab another beverage or visit with friends, only to return to a charred mess. Your Labor Day grilling party plan should be designed to keep you at the grill until the meal is done. Hot dogs and sausages are ready to eat when they start to expand, but before they start “sputtering” their contents onto the grill. Staying close to the grill particularly important if you are also toasting buns for hot dogs and hamburgers, which can quickly burn without the proper attention.

Of course, paying close attention to your grill is also an important safety concern. Make sure that dogs, children and even distracted adults are less likely to be harmed by your grill by choosing a safe, out-of-the-way location. The grill should not be the center of the action! 


You spend a significant amount of time planning out your Labor Day BBQ menu. Take the time to carefully prepare, purchasing the ingredients well in advance and planning when you will cook. If you take the time to conscientiously assemble your materials and set up completely before the party, you will have much more fun! Throw an end-of-summer bash that your friends and family will love and bid farewell to the season with these great Labor Day BBQ ideas.

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