Top 10 Most Intense Hiking Spots in the US

If you love to hike, you’re in the right place: the US is full of amazing hiking trails across a diversity of climates and landscapes. In fact, America’s natural parks alone offer approximately 18,000 miles of trails for the hundreds of millions of people who visit them every year, according to the American Hiking Society. And that’s just counting the National Trails System. Up for a challenge and wondering where to start? Read on for a roundup of 10 of the most epic hiking spots around.

1. Mount Katahdin, Maine

Adventure-seeking hikers from all over journey to Mount Katahdin for its challenging terrain leading up to unforgettable views. The state’s highest peak at 5,267 feet, Mount Katahdin is also the starting point or final destination for Appalachian thru-hikers.

2. Kalalau Trail, Hawaii

The Kalalau Trail along Hawaii’s Napali Coast earned a spot on USA Today’s “10 best hiking trails” list for its many magnificent features. It’s also the only land access to this breathtaking portion of coastline.

3. The Wave, Arizona

Located in the Coyote Buttes North area, The Wave about as Insta-famous as a hike can be. At just six miles round trip, it may be one of the shorter hikes on this list, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy; many have died  taking on this trek  — usually due to the extreme heat.

4. Kesugi Ridge Trail, Alaska

Sure, Alaska is full of incredible hikes but if you had to pick one, the Kesugi Ridge Trail in Denali State Park is a solid contender for many reasons, not the least being unbelievable views of Denali (AKA Mt. McKinley), Mt. Foraker, Chulitna River, Eldridge Glacier, and the tree-covered Parks Highway. One word of caution: Plan your trip wisely as weather conditions can obscure the views.

5. The Lost Coast Trail, California

Situated along the most remote and rugged section of coastline, the Lost Coast Trail meanders through the wilds of Northern California. The popular northern segment spans more than 25 unbelievable miles of barren beach and forest. As if the terrain wasn’t challenging enough, you’ll also be dealing with the threat of bears and challenging tide schedules that make certain sections passable only at low tide.

6. The Long Trail, Vermont

If you love hiking and history, the Long Trail’s for you. It didn’t get its name for nothing: This 270-mile long trail, which follows Green Mountain ridgelines for the entire length of Vermont, was the country’s first long-distance wilderness hiking trail.

7. Longs Peak, Colorado

The highest peak in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park, Longs Peak, is also one of its most coveted. Why? Because a full half of the people who attempt Longs Peak don’t make it to the summit.

8. Titcomb Basin, Wyoming

A perennial entrant on the bucket lists of alpine enthusiasts, Titcomb Basin yield spectacular views of western Wyoming’s primitive Wind River Range. Just be prepared for anything: This stunning region is also known for its unpredictable weather.

9. Tuckerman Ravine, New Hampshire

Located in New Hampshire’s famed White Mountains, the Tuckerman Ravine trail may seem short, but it’s no joke. The prize is more than worth the rigor: the summit of Mt. Washington, which not only holds the world record for wind speeds, but has also been deemed the second-coldest place on the planet. If you’re into all things extreme, meanwhile, Tuckerman is also a rite of passage for many skiers.

10. Art Loeb Trail, North Carolina

Spanning 30 miles and comprising three significant mountain ranges to traverse, North Caroline’s iconic Art Loeb Trail delivers plenty of bang for the buck. At the high point, you’ll enjoy picturesque long-range Appalachian vistas in every direction as far as the eye can see.

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