Tips for Any Griddle Master

Posted on Feb 15, 2019


From pancakes and eggs to burgers, seafood and beyond, your FireDisc griddle offers nearly limitless possibilities to craft mouthwatering dishes. However, for some, learning the ropes on how to use a griddle to its full potential can be intimidating at first. Don’t worry thoughwe have you covered.  

Use the five tips below to enhance your griddle experience and feel like a professional chef in your backyard or on your next outdoor adventure. These tips cover griddle maintenance, seasoning, recipes, accessories and so much more.  

1. Prep Your Griddle Like a Pro 

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to lock in some incredible flavor to your recipes and prolong the life of your griddle is through the process of seasoning. Seasoning involves applying layers of cooking oil to your FireDisc’s cooking surface. It is essential the first time you take your griddle out of the box, but it is also equally important to re-season throughout your FireDisc’s life. You can use any cooking oil in the process including: 


  • Vegetable oil or shortening 

  • Olive oil 

  • Peanut oil 

  • Canola oil 

  • Coconut oil 


To season properly, you’ll need to start with a clean griddle. Heat your clean griddle surface on high for 15-20 minutes. Then turn the heat down. Next, you’ll apply your favorite cooking oil and return the heat to high until your FireDisc starts to smoke. Use tongs and a clean cloth or paper towel to spread the oil to coat the entire cooking surface. Cool the surface to warm again and repeat the process several times. Wipe off the excess oil and enjoy your freshly seasoned griddle!  

2. Don’t Neglect Essential Griddle Maintenance and Cleaning  

If this is your first time using your new FireDisc, be sure to use a mild, grease-cutting soap and some warm water to remove the thin layer of protective oils we apply when shipping. Also, be sure to complete this initial clean before seasoning your FireDisc for the first time. Do not use soap after your initial clean.  

Additionally, if your FireDisc cooking surface ever accumulates rust, you can use the steps below to resurface it and keep it crafting delicious meals for many years to come: 


  • Heat the surface on high for 20 minutes 

  • Add water 

  • Cool it to warm  

  • Remove the outer layer of rust with a scraper or sponge 

  • Clean the surface with water and a paper towel 

  • Repeat several times  

  • Finish with several rounds of seasoning 


3. Incorporate Exciting Griddle Recipes into Your Line-Up 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your FireDisc! With so many griddle recipes available online, you can easily transform your cooking surface into a world-class culinary tool. Take your griddle cooking experience to the next level with recipes for: 


  • Paninis 

  • Omelets 

  • Curry dishes 

  • Quesadillas 


4. Use Griddle Accessories to Take Your Experience to the Next Level 

Griddle accessories are a must for any FireDisc enthusiast looking to enhance the cooking experience. Some accessories you may wish to consider:: 

Either remove this section OR add in accessories we sell.  

5. Cover It Up 

In addition to the accessories above, it helps to invest in a durable cover for your FireDisc. After locating a clean, cool area of your home to store your griddle, cover it up and prevent dust accumulation, or bumps and scrapes from damaging its smooth surface.