Tips for awesome Asian cooking

Let your education in Asian cuisine begin. There are some incredible flavors to create. And FIREDISC® cookers can help bring them out. Here are a few ideas to lift your game a bit.

  1. Cut meat uniformly

When you’re cooking lots of meat, plus other elements, uniformity is key. You’ll get a better consistency of cooking. That’s best for taste, of course, but also helps ensure meats cook to a safe temperature.

  1. Get the right equipment

Trying to rig your charcoal grill to act like a wok won’t do. Things will slip through the cracks. Sometimes, literally. Get the right stuff for the cooking you want to do. The Ultimate Steaming Bundle does the trick.

  1. Get good at a recipe or two

This goes for any heritage, any time. Many Asian dishes have lots of veggies. So knowing a handful of good recipes keeps greens on your plate and variety in your arsenal. Try this Chicken Stir Fry with Hearts of Palm recipe.

  1. Prep is important

As you’d want to cut, wash, chop, and marinate ingredients for a camping trip, the same idea goes for Asian cuisine. Prep your sauces and get food ‘disc-ready before you ever fire her up.

  1. Learn the basics

Cooking methods in Asian cuisine happen to be FIREDISC® specialties. Master boiling, braising, deep-frying, roasting, steaming, stewing, and stir-frying. You’ll be able to replicate some of your favorite restaurant dishes like a chef in no time.

Asian dishes are among the most satisfying and easy to make. It’s a testament to a FIREDISC® cooker that you can cover so many cuisines with one ‘disc. Give Asian cuisine a shot soon.