How Do Outdoor Griddles Work?

Posted on Mar 12, 2019


Many people think of grills when they think of outdoor cooking. They remember their dads firing up the barbeque with charcoal and lighter fluid to grill hamburgers and hot dogs, complete with the grill marks on them that were the sign they’d been cooked outdoors.  

Outdoor cooking has come a long way, thanks to gas and propane griddles, and FireDisc is leading the way. 

Our Outdoor Griddles Can Make Just About Anything 

Unlike grills, outdoor griddles have a smooth, flat surface that can cook virtually any type of foodThe FireDisc portable propane cookers actually have three separate surfaces that let you cook an entire meal at once at different griddle cooking temperaturesYou can even use one or more surfaces to keep some food warm while cooking other items.  

The 22-inch cast iron deep dish flat-top griddle has a circumference of 69 inches of cooking surface – more than any other outdoor griddle! You can feed a lot of hungry people with a FireDisc! 

Choose from a height of 24 or 36 inches and from red or black. We also have selected team colors that are perfect for your tailgate parties or backyard parties before or after the game!  

Gas and Propane Griddles Fire up Fast 

Whether you’ve had a long day of hiking or backpacking or you just want to get your party started, you don’t have to wait around for charcoal to heat up. The FireDisc heats up in just seconds with a portable, easy-to-carry16.4 oz. disposable propane canister. Just hook it up to the cooker and you’re ready to cook. 

If you are going to be using your FireDisc over several days, like on a weekend camping trip, you can get our 4-foot FireDisc Conversion Adapter LP Hose to use with a refillable 20-pound propane tank. 

The Ultimate in Griddle Seasoning  

The FireDisc cast iron cooker seasons your food as it cooks.  

  • It even provides more seasoning than an indoor cast iron skillet because it’s more porous.  

  • It absorbs the seasoning and cooks it into the food.  

  • It’s durable and rust-proof 

  • It cleans in just seconds with water and then a light coating of cooking oil.  

Then you’re ready for whatever your next outdoor meal includes. 

Quick and Easy to Set up and Take Apart 

Our outdoor griddles go where you do. They fold up for easy hauling in your car, boat, camper or even with your backpacking equipment. The three pieces assemble and disassemble quickly and easily.  

If you want to leave your FireDisc set up for the duration of your outdoor trip, you can protect it from the elements with our highly durable FireDisc Fireman Red Cover. You can also protect it from theft or high winds with our 6-foot, tie-down cable lock. 

Roughing It Doesn’t Have to Mean Sacrificing Good Food 

FireDisc Cookers can be set up in the roughest, most uneven terrain. But no matter where you are, whether you’re cooking up your catch of the day or you’ve brought along some of your favorite food on the griddle, seasoning it to perfection won’t be a problem.  

Enjoy all of your favorites on your FireDisc, including: 

  • Stir-frys 

  • Soups 

  • Tex-Mex 

  • Stews 

  • A full breakfast 

And much more. In fact, on the “Recipes” section of our website, you’ll find plenty of ideas from fellow FireDisc users. You’ll never run out of things to cook on your FireDisc.