Built to Haul


The FireDisc® portable propane cooker was designed to go along with you. Unlike grills, which don’t disassemble, require charcoal and the disposal of spent charcoal and are a pain to pack, FireDisc® is easy to bring along. The clever 3-piece design makes assembly/disassembly an absolute breeze (no tools or hardware), it operates on readily available propane canisters and it stores flat. The flexible stand adapts easily to uneven surfaces allowing you to select your outdoor cooking spot for the view, not the flat ground. And, yes, FireDisc® is built tough, to withstand the rigors of a lifetime of outdoor use and abuse. FireDisc® is “Built to Haul.”

3-Piece Takedown Design

The entire FireDisc® system consists of two stand sections that nest together without tools or hardware, plus the disc itself which sets onto the stand. It takes mere seconds to assemble or disassemble and the three pieces lay flat for easy transport or storage.

Over-Built Construction

Heavy-duty, high-polished, tempered ultra-high carbon steel construction (disc and stand) ensures your FireDisc® will last and provide versatile cooking performance for generations.

Magnum Powder-Coated Disc

Stand and burner are all powder-coated with a premium thermoplastic pure silicone resin powder coating that’s baked on at 450* to form an impenetrable protective skin.

Farm Hand Grips

Custom fire-retardant, rubber comfort handles protect you from heat and make lifting your FireDisc® safe and easy.

Better Burner

Premium magnum powder-coated, adjustable three-temp burner ensures long lasting durability and reliable performance.

Two Stand Height Sizes

Choose between a 36” or 24” stand depending up your specific needs. The 36” counter level option eliminates the need to bend while cooking, while the 24” takes up less storage or travel space while offering ample height for comfortable cooking.

Propane Powered

FireDisc® operates on propane, either an easy-to-find, easy-to-bring 16.4 oz. canister or a full sized tank. A FireDisc® is the largest cooking device available that is able to operate on a propane canister.


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