Your Gourmet Roadie Kitchen

FIREDISC® Portable Cookers are the ultimate RV co-pilot to rely on to cook up savory, restaurant-quality meals to enhance every activity imaginable as you hit the road. Don’t settle for boring meals just because you’re on the go. Your FIREDISC® gourmet roadie kitchen bakes, blackens, boils, broils, cooks, deep fries, grills, scrambles, sautés, sears and steams – enabling seamless meals from breakfast to dinner. Yes, it can cook that, too. Added RV bonus: The 3-piece portable design disassembles seamlessly for easy, flat storage. No excuses, RV road warriors – pack up your FIREDISC® now, hit the road, and eat likes kings and queens.


Howdy everybody out there in FIREDISC® country, we’re Reckless Kelly. As a band, one thing we do and do well is tour. Something else that tours well, is this damn FireDisc®. Much like us, FIREDISC® knows how to get on the road and perform. No matter the place, no matter the crowd.

- Reckless Kelly
Cooks on the Road