Yes, It Can Cook That Too

FIREDISC® Cookers have been ruthlessly vetted by some of the world’s leading chefs via the Chef-Tested / Chef-Approved quality assurance protocol. Our executive chef has custom-designed a ruthless 3-year certification process. Each and every cooker has undergone bootcamp and survived. Meticulous testing protocols, ranging from materials to temperature-level retentions, to durability and versatility, are the core of FIREDISC® quality and long life. So what do you get from all our epic testing? A cooker that will not only barbecue, it will bake, blacken, boil, broil, deep fry, grill, scramble, sauté, sear and steam. Yes, it can cook that, too.

I’m the king of cooking all things on live fire. I’ve had season tickets to the Dallas Cowboys for nearly 20 seasons. I have to throw down food for hundreds at our tailgate parties so my Blue FIREDISC® is the perfect tool for the job! It’s so portable, great to cook on and easy to clean up!

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