Packable, Portable, Go Everywhere

Finally, a high-performance cooker that can pack tight, cook up an endless range of meals to accommodate large groups, and stand tall against any type of inclement weather conditions. Yep – that’s a FIREDISC® Cooker, aka “camper’s dream.” The 3-surface temperature sectors offer a range of cooking options, from breakfast burritos, eggs or pancakes all the way through to paella, grilled fish or steak dinner. Bonus: The unique counter height yields added comfort when cooking for long periods of time, eliminating back strain after fun-filled fishing, hunting, hiking and camping adventures.

A FIREDISC® is made of high-quality products like ultra-high-carbon steel as well as powder coating that can withstand high temperatures and resist damage. The amazing design has made this cooker very sturdy, virtually indestructible and capable of lasting a lifetime, and that is what makes the investment so worthwhile.

- Jim Ferguson
Nationally Syndicated Radio Show Host, Outdoor Channel
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