Basic reminders for cookout time

Whether you’re on the river or on the pool deck, a cookout is always a possibility. Here’s a list of items that are actually lists of items to see you through. Mix and match.

What to cook?

The possibilities are delicious. Pick any for favorable results.


We pity the cookout that’s settling for burnt hot dogs and warm potato salad.


PRO TIP: Try a brunch cookout featuring these, especially if it’s pretty hot by midday where you are.


We bill this one as a hidden gem in FIREDISC folklore.


PRO TIP: Make or buy some coleslaw to go with these beauties.


Transform unassuming ingredients into a beast of a feast.


PRO TIP: Consider subbing in red potatoes on this dish.

Where to cook?

At the risk of choosing three places you don’t like, we’ll make these suggestions anyway. We dig them.

1. Right at home

Home games get the seal of approval, and the same goes for home cookouts. You know the lay of the land, and you don’t have to load up the FIREDISC (although it’s easy to do.)

PRO TIP: Set up the dartboard, cornhole, and horseshoes for entertainment.

2. At the park

Check online about reserving covered areas. Use the existing charcoal grills there to put a cutting board on for meal prep.

PRO TIP: Don’t skimp on food safety — keep meat cold until it hits the ‘disc, and avoid cross-contamination.

3. At the campground

Why not make it overnight? Especially if you’re already thinking about cooking breakfast. Your cooker is ready for all meals.

PRO TIP: Plan the cooking tools you need, and don’t bring too many. An Ultimate Cooking Weapon is the ultimate do-it-all tool.

What to ask others to bring?

As a FIREDISC chef, you’re the straw that stirs the drink. But it can’t be ALL on you. Here’s what others can bring.

  1. Potato salad

A good cook knows who does this thing right. Enlist the potato salad specialist in your circle to bring it.

PRO TIP: If they’re the star of the potato salad show, they should know this: Make it a day ahead and let the flavors meld.

2. Marinated cheese

Feta and mozzarella are ideal for grilled goods. Cut feta into cubes or bring a container of mini mozzarella balls. Voila.

PRO TIP: Drizzle with olive oil, add herbs, pepper, lemon zest, and a dash of vinegar. Extra voila.

3. Plates, plasticware, napkins

Not everyone in your crew is a cook. Delegate these folks to bring the dinnerware. It’s the least they could do.

PRO TIP: Bring a permanent marker so that cups can follow your guests around. This is one way to reduce waste, too.

You’ve got a spectacular cooker in your possession. You’ve got great ideas in your head. With a little help, you can put it all together for a classic cookout. Let’s eat.