How to plan the best Fourth of July Party

Independence Day falls on a weekend this year, and it’s an opportunity none of us should take for granted. With an extra day to commemorate, we can revel on a Sunday like it was a Saturday. Or a Friday, even.

And although the impromptu fiesta has its own merits, a bit of planning for the occasion is a good thing, too.

Here’s how we’d do it, being sound members of the FIREDISC® Nation and proud patriots. The nation’s birthday is a good reason to celebrate the freedom that makes us great. And it’s NOT done with cheap takeout or frozen entrees, Merica.

  1. Be true to the Red, White, & Blue

You don’t have to go hog-wild on decorations to put on a patriotic party. Because the day is about fellowship, food, and freedom, just be sure to rep the USA with a couple of flags. USA-themed plates and cups are a nice touch, too.

  1. Get ahead of it

Make your invites early, and draft a little help. You’re hauling the FIREDISC® and bringing meat, so someone else can get drinks and plates.

Ditto for chips, dips, and basically anything you need that doesn’t come off the ‘disc. Pick the most reliable person on the list to provide the drinks! Depending on the scope of your party, consider using Sign Up Genius to organize.

PRO TIP: We trust you’ll have plenty of juice boxes, soda, and beer for all your demographics. Give this patriotic punch a try for all, too.

  1. Now showing: Backyard movies

A projector, a bedsheet, and comfy seating are all you need to make this a dinner-and-movie night. Captain America? Top Gun? Stripes? The marquee is up to you.

  1. Craft your menu

This is the step FIREDISC® Nation has been waiting for. We’re not saying this is the perfect lineup by any means, but … it’s going to be awfully tough to beat this one.



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  1. Don’t forget fun and games

For those of you blessed with a pool, you’ve got this. Cornhole boards, horseshoes, and darts are also stellar choices for some recreation. Badminton and croquet are decent choices, too, if you’ve got it like that.

  1. Sit on it

It’s often overlooked, or something a host goes with by the seat of their pants. Just make sure everyone has somewhere to sit. Chairs for camping, lawn, picnics and anything else casual will do. Round up what you have, and ask invitees to bring their own seats if they have them.

To wrap it up …

Independence Day is a reason to show a little appreciation for our great nation. Enjoy the day with good company, great food, and fun times. Fire up the FIREDISC® and let freedom ring.