• Cut chicken breasts into cubes, and place in a bowl
  • Pour Orange Juice over them, enough to cover.
  • Add Soy Sauce (I add enough to get some good color)
  • Minced Onions

Cover and refrigerate overnight.

Light your FireDisc and while its heating up cut up your peppers and some onions into pieces.

I toss those on the FireDisc while its on medium heat for about 5-8 min before the chicken goes on, to get them a good scald, while stirring occasionally.

Move peppers and onions to outer ring, add chicken in the middle, let it simmer and cook in the marinade until cooked.

Add back in your peppers and I like to add in some fresh pineapple chunks to it, letting it all cook another 3-5 min to mix the flavors up.

We serve this over white rice and its always as favorite of our family.