15 Best Fall Activities & Recipes

With fall ramping up, many families start thinking about fall festival BBQ ideas to celebrate the season. Autumn decor may focus on scarecrows and pumpkins, and the temperatures can start to drop, but the fact is that you do not have to put away your grill just because summertime is over.

In fact, BBQ festivals are a great way to celebrate the beautiful fall foliage and the abundance of fruits and veggies that are still being harvested in the autumn months. Take advantage of the harvest season with our fall festival grilling ideas.


Any fall festival requires a delicious spread to really be considered a success. Why stick with the same old, boring hot dogs and hamburgers this year? Instead, bring a taste of autumn to your guests with creative grilling ideas that fuel your party guests for a day of fun and celebration.

Your fall festival BBQ ideas should incorporate seasonal vegetables into the menu, in addition to more traditional meat options. For example, think about adding a seasonal flair to your offerings with:

  • Butternut squash grilling skewers
  • Grilled sweet potatoes or carrots with yogurt sauce
  • Pork chops with apple or cinnamon sauces
  • Tri-tip with a decadent chimichurri sauce
  • Cinnamon grilled apples with honey
  • Meats with adobo chile or other warming seasonings

The sky is the limit when it comes to your fall-themed BBQ festivals ideas. Make sure that you have an accurate headcount by about 72 hours before your party — you need the time to shop and prepare for the activity. Also, be sure that you have set aside a safe space for the grill at your fall festival location. An appropriate space is located away from flammable materials, such as hay or scarecrow decorations, is isolated from games and activities, and is unlikely to be seen as a “hangout” spot for kids or animals.



The best part about a fall festival is that it can take on a variety of personalities. From harvest-time to Halloween, you need to make sure that you choose a theme that reflects the type of party you want to host. Consider having a formal name for your bash, which will make it easier to promote the event with fliers or social media posts. We love names like:

  • Family Fest
  • Fall Fantasies
  • Boo! Bash
  • Harvest Festival
  • Pumpkin Patch Party

Choosing a theme may lead to you to even more BBQ festivals ideas that can improve the overall feel and flavor of your party.


Bring the delights of a carnival midway to your fall festival party, all with the help of some creative thinking and preparation. Games are one of the best parts of any fall festival. Partygoers love to compete for prizes.

In addition to fan favorites like cake walks (which you can turn into a “pumpkin patch walk” with a little creativity), party-goers of all ages can enjoy:

  • Pop a pumpkin balloon game, in which orange balloons are arranged like pumpkins on a wall and then popped with bean bags
  • Pumpkin ring toss, with pumpkins instead of cones
  • Face painting
  • Touchdown tosses and other football-themed games
  • Haystack search, in which participants seek prizes in bales or mounds of hay
  • Autumn art projects, including dipping leaves in paint and imprinting on paper, or even decorating large sheets of paper with fall-themed decor

Many summertime games can be re-imagined as fall activities, with just a little creativity. Think about exciting ways to use spider web decorations, corn stalks, pumpkins and other seasonal decorations to boost interest and participation in your fall festival games.

Between the food, the fun, and the crisp, autumn air, there is really nothing more enjoyable than an afternoon spent with friends and family at a fall festival. Whether you are hosting five friends, or you are putting on a school-sponsored event with 500 attendees, these simple tips can help you make the most of your fall festival BBQ ideas!

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