25 foods to take a stab at for your next kabobs

The beauty of kabobin’ is that if you can run a skewer through it, you can add it to dinner.

And FIREDISC® types like to take things a bit too far. You heard that during parent-teacher conferences, didn’t you? Here’s how to do it on the ‘disc.

Tips for terrific kabobs

They’re like a line of jewels you can eat. Here’s some advice for making them even better.

  1. Uniformity is universal

Cut stuff about the same size so it cooks well. You don’t need your bacon well-done and your baby potatoes raw.

  1. Stick shrimp snug

Shrimp are delicious on the Barbee unless you dry them out. Stack them tight and they’ll keep their moisture like they were still at sea.

  1. Use tongs to move them around

Don’t spin the skewer to turn the kabob. That’s amateur hour. Half the things will spin, and half will stick. Show the kabob who’s boss.

25 foods to run a skewer through

Now, THIS is a harvest, y’all.

  1. CHICKEN. Light or dark, cut the cubes no smaller than an inch.
  2. BACON. Works as a wrap or folded as delicious real estate.
  3. BASIL LEAVES. Add a dash of flavor by using them as wraps.
  4. BELL PEPPERS. Tight-skinned are good; mini bells are best.
  5. BROCCOLI. The florets, when charred, are pretty and delicious.
  6. BRUSSELS SPROUTS. Cut in half and skewer them like an axis.
  7. EGGPLANT. Nice and meaty; superb with oil, garlic, salt, and chili flakes.
  8. GRAPE TOMATOES. Pierce right through the middle. Yum.
  9. KIKI FRUIT. Cut off each end; cut off the skin before skewering.
  10. MANGO. Brush with oil. Spritz with lime juice after cooking.
  11. MEATBALLS. Fresh or frozen, they rock the kabob scene.
  12. MOZZARELLA BALLS. Be sure items around them are bigger.
  13. MUSHROOMS. Marinated shrooms won’t bust up on a skewer.
  14. ONION. A staple, an original. Cut into wedges. They add flavor! 
  15. PINEAPPLE. Use it before it ripens for firmness and taste.
  16. PORK. The other white meat is especially great in Teriyaki style.
  17. RED POTATOES. Microwave them until tender. Then skewer. 
  18. SALMON. Brush it well with oil and cut the chunks from frozen.
  19. SAUSAGE. Cut into medallions. Skewer like an axis or target.
  20. SCALLOPS. Wrap these delights in bacon. Did we even have to say that?
  21. SHRIMP. Skewer twice, through the head and near the tail.
  22. SIRLOIN. Top to tip, and won’t break the bank. Tender, too.
  23. SUMMER SQUASH. Marinate all veggies for more flavor.
  24. TURKEY. File this for post-Thanksgiving. You’re welcome.
  25. ZUCCHINI. Slice ‘em about ¾-inch thick for best performance.

A critical thing to figure into your kabob equation: Soaking your wooden skewers. Otherwise, you might have torches. Enjoy dinner on a stick!