4 tips for terrific grilled pizza

There’s an expression that goes, “judge a man by how well he makes a pizza outdoors.” Well, not many people know about this expression. But don’t you agree? Seems valid. Here’s how to rock it and solidify your legendary status.


  1. Cook the crust first

Whether it’s dough from scratch or store-bought, stretch it out on the FIREDISC® for an initial cook. Then, flip it onto a baking sheet. Brush the grilled side with olive oil, then apply your sauce and toppings before returning it to the heat.

PRO TIP: No need to add a rim to the crust. Roll it out flat.


  1. Pre-cook your meats (and some veggies)

Grilling pizza doesn’t take long. Your veggies might be crispy, compared to baked pie. Cook meats, other than pre-cooked pepperoni before it becomes a topping. Grilled pizza will get soggy if you go crazy with topping volume.

PRO TIP: Have sauce, cheese, and toppings prepped and in bowls to deplore when the time comes. Keep the sauce light, too.


  1. Heat on high

Keep things moving when you grill a pizza. Lightly brush the crust with olive oil before you put it on ‘the disc. Watch for bubbles to form on the top, and keep an eye on the bottom for a good char that doesn’t go too far.

PRO TIP: If the crust seems to be heating unevenly, rotate it, oh, 45 degrees or so, and keep it cooking. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.


  1. Reduce heat when the pizza goes on with toppings

High heat is critical for a crispy, slightly charred crust. For the next step, you can bring it down a notch. You can turn it to low and close with the Ultimate Flattop Lid, but check it after a minute.

PRO TIP: Let the pie rest on a plate or pizza peel before slicing.


This summer, venture outdoors to cook your pizza — and keep the heat outside! It’s easy to set up a toppings bar for everyone to customize their pies, too. Post photos to social media with the hashtag #FIREDISCPizza.