5 reasons to cook outside as much as possible

Cooking inside and making a hot house hotter makes us frown. We suspect it has similar effects on you. Coming up with five reasons to cook outside is not the toughest assignment ever, no. Let’s go.

  1. You don’t heat up the kitchen

In the great outdoors (backyard or the backcountry), cooking heat disperses. Rather than crank up the AC to costly heights, get outside. Mother Nature’s got a breeze for you.


  1. Grilling’s healthy

Not saying you’re not going to wind up making FIREDISC Fried Oreos. But there’s also the chance you’ll have already had Katie’s Herb & Lime Marinated Chicken. Grilled and roasted veggies in a FIREDISC® cooker are delicious. And a great alternative to butter-cooked versions, too.


  1. Better sleep

Fresh air, with a relaxing dinner outdoors, can reduce stress. That evening rejuvenation, plus the work of cooking, can boost the quality of your sleep. It’s especially true if you’ve been able to spend it with family and friends.


  1. Fiscal savings

Eating out gets expensive, with fuel prices, gratuity, and markups. Entertaining at your place, when you have an outdoor dining and cooking area, cuts down on costs. And given the choice of pouring money into the gas tank and seeing the check, cooking at home looks even better.


  1. It doesn’t take much to get started

Start with a FIREDISC® cooker. If you can’t get a Bundle, add accessories as you can. You’ll see that the more you cook on it, the more you’ll WANT to cook on it.


As you plan your summer, retreat from kitchens and restaurants. Get to the great outdoors. At home or at the campground, It’s easy to put together something fabulous. For a table for one or a backyard full of loved ones.


Let’s eat.