5 things worth it to pack for your beach trip

From the campground or a seaside inn, the beach is calling. As summer wanes, there’s one last chance — or two — to get away for fun in the sun. Here’s what to pack for the perfect coastal escape.

  1. Waterproof cases for your tech: You’ll tote GoPros, smartphones, and a speaker. Keep them safe. Don’t forget a cover for your FIREDISC® too.
  2. Flashlights: Perfect late-summer weather comes with shorter days. You might have to cook in the withering sunlight. Don’t forget the extra batteries.
  3. A big-ass beach blanket (with stakes): Sand in your sandwich is no way to go. Keep things tied down while you throw down.
  4. Cap or wide-brimmed hat: t’s decorative AND functional. If it’s this FIREDISC® Patch Trucker Hat, it’s also fashionable.

5. Your FIREDISC® cooker: Fire it up with frequency. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. It’s built to haul and cooks it all.