5 tips for date night (Valentine’s Day or otherwise)

These tips are for Valentine’s Day, but really, any night will do. Surprise your better half with a good dose of romance on, hell, March 10, if you want. Don’t forget, the flame below a FIREDISC® cooker gives off a romantic glow.


  1. PJ it up

Restaurants are notoriously busy for Valentine’s Day, and you can feel like part of a herd out there. This year, stay in and get comfy.

  1. Set the scene

It doesn’t take a lot to dress up the scene for romance. Candles, music (whatever they’re into), even string lights on the patio can do the trick.

  1. Shut down the screens

Keep the phone on vibrate in case the sitter calls with a minor emergency. Otherwise, don’t let any email, social media post, or text ruin the night.

  1. Dance it out

Rock it out before dinner, and save the slow dance for after dessert. You’ve got the lighting and music going anyway … seize the moment.

  1. Plan a date you’ll enjoy too

Look, it’s admirable to put together the perfect evening for your partner. But if it’s not something you consider fun, too, it’ll fizzle. Find that common ground.