5 tips for roasting garlic

Start spreading the news: 99.999% of FIREDISC® dishes could level up by adding garlic. That might not be entirely scientific, but show us a dish that wouldn’t benefit. We’ll wait.


In the meantime … some tips on roasting this manna from heaven.


  1. Make it spreadable

Halve a whole head of garlic. Rub it with oil. Wrap it in foil. In just a few minutes on the FIREDISC®, you’ll transform it into something sweet, creamy, and spreadable.


DID YOU KNOW: Garlic originated in central Asia and is in the same family as lilies. There are about 450 varieties of it!


  1. Make it mild

Raw garlic is strong garlic. Roasting it won’t change the flavor too much, but as it carmelizes it, the taste gets a bit milder than raw garlic. Leave the skin on when you roast it.


DID YOU KNOW: China produces the most garlic, at 20 million tons. India is a distant second, with 1.25 million tons.


  1. Don’t burn it

Great garlic flavor goes wrong when you burn it. It’s bitter and just a bad taste. If you’re adding it to a dish on its own, without roasting in foil, put it on toward the end of your process to keep it fresh.


DID YOU KNOW: Folks use garlic for medicinal purposes. People also tote it around to keep away vampires and other evils.


  1. Mince it

Trim off the root end of the clove. Crush it gently (yes, it’s possible!) between a chef’s knife and cutting board to get the skin to come free. With a two-handed chopping motion, cut the garlic repeatedly to mince. This form of it is perfect for dressings and sauces.


DID YOU KNOW: The familiar clump of garlic is called a “compound bulb.” It’s comprised of many cloves. This is important; you don’t want to mince up a whole bulb for a recipe thinking that a bulb is a clove!


  1. Use it promptly

Store heads of roasted garlic in the fridge for four days at the most, in a plastic zip bag. If it’s cloves, store it in a jar with some olive oil in there. It’ll last as much as 10 days that way.


There are lots of great ways to incorporate garlic into your FIREDISC® cooker life. The discovery is up to you — we can’t hand you everything. It’s gonna be good, though. We can be sure of that.