5 tips for terrific toasting on a FIREDISC® cooker

Some are stubborn about buns that hold their burgers, hot dogs, or other sandwiches. (Wait, is a hot dog a sandwich? That’s a post for another day.)

Others are more forgiving, so long as you put a good toast on it. Mind you, we said toast, not burn. Here are a few tips to get that toasting right.

  1. Use the Ultimate Steaming Grate

Get the Maillard effect (those cool little black lines) that tell you you’re doing it right. Place the Grate in your FIREDISC® cooker. Place buns on the Grate. 

Fold a damp towel near them. Cover with the Ultimate Flattop Lid or a metal bowl. Toast for a couple of minutes. The towel will help convect damp air around the bun for a steamed, soft inside.

  1. Use olive oil, salt, and pepper on the edge

Go for a different flavor profile by sprinkling oil onto the FIREDISC® cooker or onto your bread. Grill on the ‘disc surface. Dash salt and pepper onto the bread for extra flavor toasted in.

  1. Use a short clock

Place bread on the outer edge of the FIREDISC® cooker, at whatever temperature you’re on for cooking. This allows a slower cook and less opportunity to char your bread. Keep an eye on it, but each side should take no more than 2-3 minutes.

  1. Use butter in the middle

Careful to keep the heat down. The center of your FIREDISC® cooker is the hottest region. Add butter there and add bread as soon as it melts. It shouldn’t take more than a minute to finish. OR – butter your bread first. That often leads to a buttery taste pervading more of the bread than the butter-first method.

  1. Go for medium-low

No need to get crazy with the heat. You’re toasting, not scorching.

  1. But if you get cheesy, choose these cheeses

A grilled-cheese sandwich on the FIREDISC® hits differently. Asiago, gouda, and fresh mozzarella are excellent choices for an elevated surprise (especially if you mix in some dill and a dash of garlic salt into your melted butter). You can’t go wrong with American, cheddar, and pepper jack cheeses.

No need to go inside to the toaster oven when you’re after a little toastiness on your buns. Stay outside with your FIREDISC® cooker. This thing really can do it all.