6 Stellar Recipes Perfect for Family Time

Lots of us are finding out together just how tough it is to be a chef. Stay-at-home suggestions have become stay-at-home directives across the country. And that means fewer opportunities to lean on restaurant meals and takeout when we just don’t feel like cooking. And while that might feel restrictive to some, to others – namely, those with FIREDISC cookers in their backyards – it also means a chance to have some fun at meal time.

Pots, pans and microwaves can only take you so far. It’s springtime, and in many places in America, nice enough to be outside as we adjust to social distancing life. This is also a chance to fill this pause in our busy lives with family time and getting good at outdoor cooking.

Here are a handful of easy-to-do but tough-to-forget recipes that’ll make your family smile – and make your neighbors more than a little jealous.

Crazy Gooey Cheese Sticks Recipe | FIREDISC Cookers

FUN WITH KIDS: Mozzarella cheese sticks


It’s like roasting marshmallows, but with a cheesy reward. You’ll need string cheese and skewers. Be careful not to let the cheese run out of the breading! These puppies are cheesy-gooey and crunchy, and how does it get better than that?

Pro tip: Season the breading with Freaking A Fowl Chicken seasoning. You’ll thank us later.


Golden Fried Chicken Recipe | FIREDISC Cookers

BATTER UP: Everyone loves Fried Chicken


Mastered in the south and loved everywhere, there’s nothing like a good fried chicken dinner. Fry up some okra too, or make some mac-and-cheese to accompany this favorite feast. Forget the colonel; this dinner will make you the brigadier general!

Pro tip: Soak your chicken in buttermilk before you fry it, preferably a day or two before.


TASTE OF MEXICO: Build Your Own Burrito Bowl


A great family has a little something for everyone. Adjust the ingredients menu to fit you and yours. Add black olives or bell peppers. Bring in beans or green chiles. If you can dice it or chop it, you can wrap it in a burrito. Those are the rules.

Pro tip: Season everything! A six-pack of mixed seasonings gives you a world of possibilities.


Drunken Prawns Recipe | FIREDISC Cookers



Now here’s a recipe to raise a glass to. We love to cook with wine. Sometimes, we even put some in the recipe. The crowd might get rowdy when they smell what’s cooking. Scrumptious seafood is just one of the specialties when you’re cooking with a FIREDISC.

Pro tip: Pink on the outside, white and opaque on the inside. That’s how to cook ‘em.




Put on a pot of coffee for this sweet snack. If the burritos and fried chicken didn’t get everyone’s attention, this certainly will. We’re talking melt-in-your-mouth goodness, the kind that’s tough to stop. When you gather ‘round the FIREDISC, no one counts calories.

Pro tip: There’s nothing wrong with adding multiple toppings, or nothing at all. Your call!

If you have to be quarantined, we hope you’re with those you love. Take this time together to stay healthy and spend time with each other again. Make delicious food part of the fun! It’s easy with a FIREDISC cooker. Visit our Facebook page for more ideas, and tag us in your posts when you cook up something scrumptious. See ya ‘round.