All the details about FIREDISC® living

No need to enter this elevated phase of life with any confusion, friends. We keep it simple around here, but there are definite choices in your future. Tack this guide up on the fridge.

  1. Short cooker vs. tall cooker

This is a lesson without an exam. Tall cooks usually prefer the 36-inch model. Compact cooks are right at home with the 24-inch.

The average human is 5 feet, 6 inches … so a short will come up to your upper thigh. The tall version will be a little above your waist. 

  1. Fireman Red vs. Jet Black

There’s a lot of meaning in color. Jet black can signify power, authority, and a touch of the unknown. Red can signal life, health, vigor, courage, or love. Or, if red or black is your team’s primary color, chances are, it’s good for your FIREDISC® cooker, too.

  1. Bundle vs. cooker

The cooker is all you need for basic cooking. Bundles were born out of the vision for something a bit more catered, though. Get tools made especially for your cooker, wind guard helmets, and universal covers. These kickass adornments can take you to an expert level at a mind-boggling rate.

  1. My spice rack vs. FIREDISC® seasonings

That walnut-finished spice rack you got as a wedding gift will suffice (ever used that Anise? Neither have we.) A six-pack of FIREDISC® seasonings brings you closer to your potential than dill seed can. Try them out.

  1. FIREDISC® Nation vs. life of solitude

We’re fans of tranquility. Be it atop a deer stand or standing on the back deck firing up the cooker before friends arrive. There’s something about community, too. That’s where FIREDISC® Nation comes in.

Recipes. Recommendations. Advice about seasoning your ‘disc.

And photos. Man, you’ll get lost in the scroll. No matter where you are, or whether you haven’t taken the damn thing out of the box, there’s a spot for you in FIREDISC® Nation. It’s the greatest group on Facebook. Of all time. 

Look it up.