Cooking Tool Essentials For Your Next Hunting Trip

A hunting trip just isn’t complete without the right food. Hunting makes you hungry — in fact, the average calorie burn for deer and elk hunters can reach as high as 11,000 calories per day!

You spend a long time tracking animals, cleaning them and carrying your game back to camp. Without the right fuel in the tank, you could end up uncomfortably hungry. Bring your best recipes and backpacking cooking gear to your next hunting trip and make sure everyone at your camp is well-fed.


Your camping cooking equipment will look dramatically different if you are bunking in a cabin versus a tent. For those who prefer to “rough it,” your camping cooking set needs to be light, versatile and easy-to-use. Although some campers prefer to cook over a fire, consider the advantages of using a grill at your campsite. Grills are:

  • Less vulnerable to weather conditions such as rain
  • Easier to control, yielding more predictable results
  • Faster to set up
  • Safer, with less risk of wildfire

In addition to a high-quality grill or stove setup, hunters and campers often seek out the lightest, most durable camping equipment that will meet their needs. Make sure that your cooking sets stack together for the smallest possible “footprint” in your backpacking gear.


Of course, all the backpacking cooking gear in the world means little if you do not have great recipes to share with your fellow hunters. We know of a few classic staples for hunting parties — chili, for instance, always warms the soul and fuels the body for a grueling day.

It is possible to make chef-quality meals at your hunting camp, as long as you plan ahead by bringing the right ingredients. We suggest packing a tub with the spices, sauces and accompaniments you might need, including salt, pepper and other seasonings.

If you’re seeking out great new recipes for your fellow hunters, why not consider:

  • Eggs, homefries and venison steak or sausage
  • Bacon, for use in BLTs and even wrapping around other cuts of meat on the grill
  • Grilled backstraps and potatoes
  • Grilled breakfast burritos (wrapped in foil and cooked on the grill)
  • Fresh grilled fish, seasoned with soy sauce and ginger
  • Duck, venison or even fish sandwiches with apple cider-based coleslaw

When you have a grill at your disposal at camp, you can create quick masterpieces that will keep everyone’s energy levels at peak performance, all while creatively utilizing the fruits of your hunt.

The key to happy, full bellies at your hunting camp is the right camping cooking equipment. A little extra time for research and preparation before your hunting trip will ensure that your hunting party is a group of happy campers.

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