How to boil in your FIREDISC® cooker

To be a true FIREDISC® chef, you can’t have a dependence on one cooking method. It’s good to have a go-to, but the next-level cook will have more tricks up his Universal Cover. Here are tips on how to boil right on your ‘disc.

  1. Fill your ‘disc first

Before you fired it up, fill it up. Add water to your cooker — filtered or spring water works best, and cold water isn’t necessary. Then turn on the heat.

DID YOU KNOW? The higher the temperature, the more vapor. When it boils, water vapor pressure is equal to atmospheric pressure. At higher elevations, the boiling point is lower.

  1. Cover your ‘disc

The saying goes ‘a watched pot won’t boil,’ which is false (but you’ll get antsy waiting.) Put an Ultimate Flattop Lid on it and it’ll happen faster. The air inside your cooker will heat as the water does, and circulate back to the water.

DID YOU KNOW? Heat energy transfers to water molecules during boiling, forcing them to move. The energy mounts until it’s too much to allow water to stay in liquid form.

  1. Leave room at the top

Adding the Ultimate Steaming Grate or something yummy to cook? You’re going to need some space. Fill your ‘disc about halfway with water for boiling food. A little less for steaming grate recipes. That’ll give room between the ‘disc and lid for delicious things to happen.

DID YOU KNOW? You might hear other terms in cooking that are variations of boiling. Simmering is gentle boiling. Poaching is even milder, and liquid with this method barely makes bubbles.

  1. Add salt for flavor, not speed

It’s untrue that adding salt will help your water boil faster. But it can affect the taste of your food. So add it if you want it.

DID YOU KNOW? Water’s boiling point is 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. Don’t walk away

We told you not to stare at the damn thing until it boils. But you need to keep an eye on your cooking, boiling or otherwise. You’ll want to head to your next cooking steps, and it’s also safer to not leave a cooker unattended. The outdoors can be unpredictable.

Nab the Ultimate Flattop Lid and Ultimate Steaming Grate. They’ll open a whole new world of cooking greatness. Your FIREDISC® cooker is pretty versatile. Also, you can build your own FIREDISC® bundle with both tools included, and save.