How to bring your FIREDISC® cooker on a fishing trip 

There’s actually no barrier to eating the freshest catch possible with a FIREDISC cooker. Or, to eat like a king and bring your catch home with you.  Here’s how to make it part of your excursion.

  1. Bring small tanks

The little green propane ones work best when you’re out on the field or by the stream. Leave the big tank and adapter hose at home. Bring more than one — nothing’s worse than your gas running dry.

  1. Tote relevant tools

So, you’ve got all the FIREDISC® cooking weapons. Nicely done. Think like a minimalist on a fishing trip, though, and bring what you need only.

  1. Keep seasonings simple

Salt and pepper grinders ought to do it. Cooking out by the stream isn’t like a gourmet catered affair at home. Think simple goodness.

  1. Wash it like you’re at home

It’s even more critical to follow your quick cleaning routine while out on a trip. Use your cooking oil of choice to season the ‘disc after cleaning, too. Get her ready for the next day of cooking.

  1. Give her one last seasoning when you get home

It’s been a job well done. Reward your favorite cooker with a thin layer of oil to season it before storing. If you’ve brought home your catch, your cooker won’t stay stowed for long.