How To Care For Your Disc Cooker

Properly caring for your new FIREDISC® Cooker makes it a cooking tool you’ll love for decades, and it’s crucial to know everything you can about cleaning, protection and cooker storage options. With a powder-coated finish and a carbon-steel cooking surface, this disc cooker is built to last, but that doesn’t mean neglect won’t reduce the potential lifespan. 

Here at FIREDISC®, we want you to enjoy your new cooker and get all that you can out of it, and so we’re here to give you all of the information you need. Let’s start with some cooker cleaning tips.


One of the best things about our propane cookers is that they come with our exclusive one-minute, chemical-free cleaning options. You can simply:

  • Wipe away any solid cooking debris
  • Get a wet washcloth or a paper towel
  • Wipe the surface down until it shines
  • Dry the metal surface and then allow it to air dry
  • Coat it with a light layer of cooking oil for lasting protection
  • Leave the cooker up and store it in under the unique cover

You never have to use harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions. The hot surface helps to loosen up food and debris so that nothing sticks. You don’t need soap. No matter what you cooked, all it takes is a wet cloth applied once you’re done, and the cooker will be ready to go the next time you need it.


The key to long-term care is to make sure you season the surface and coat it lightly in oil when you’re done. Just put a small amount on the center and wipe it out with a paper towel or a rag once the surface is dry. Not only is this the final step in the easy cooker cleaning process, but the oil also helps to seal in the flavor and prevent rust. That’s what keeps it in optimal condition for years to come.


When looking into your cooker storage options, the first step is to buy one of our waterproof cooker covers. These protect it from the elements and keep it clean for the next time you use it. Then just pick a clean, dry space where it won’t be exposed to airborne moisture and where you can easily get it back out for your next meal.


If you want to store your disc cooker outside, you can do it with the right cover to protect it from the elements and prevent rust. We sell our exclusive Fireman Red Cover, which is made with highly durable 1680 denier PVC-coated weatherproof material. It only weighs two pounds, but it is 22 inches in diameter and it’s made to fit over the handles. It offers the ultimate protection and it also has a zipper storage pouch for all of the essentials.


Caring for your cooker is easy, but it makes all the difference in the world. You can keep it clean, rust-free and perfectly seasoned for a lifetime. Just make sure you know what steps to take after you finish your cooking and what accessories you will need. If you ever do see rust, don’t despair. Just check out our helpful post on quick rust removal and you can make it as good as new all over again.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask us here at FIREDISC®! We’re your ultimate cooking resource and we’re here to help.